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Oct 22nd
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Tzu Chi 2015 Year in Review

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The aim of Tzu Chi this year is to spread Great Love around the world and inspire eternal compassion in every living being. Tzu Chi started its charity work in 1966 in the small town of Hualien in Taiwan.

Over the past 50 years, its volunteers have provided aid and care in 92 countries and regions. This Great Love continues today, to enable the power of love to have an even greater reach.

Looking back on 2015, there were devastating natural disasters and man-made conflicts that shocked the world, like the crash of a TransAsia airline in February, the Nepal earthquake in April, the refugee crisis in the Middle East and many others. Based in their own communities, Tzu Chi volunteers did their utmost to provide loving care and tend to the needs of those affected.

Let us look at the year 2015 in review.

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