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Feb 19th
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Volunteers Celebrate Buddha Day in Catholic Church in Haiti

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Volunteers working in Haiti celebrated Buddha’s birthday at a Catholic church, a symbol of the friendship between the two religions.

Along with Tzu Chi members around the world, the 26 members of its 13th relief team in Haiti wanted to hold a ceremony to mark Buddha’s Day. They contacted Father Victor Celestino Pizoltty Molina, priest of the San Alexandro church, who graciously gave his permission to have the event there. “Today is a very special occasion,” said volunteer Zhou Bai. “We are carrying out the Buddha Day ceremony inside a Catholic church. About 90 per cent of Haitians are Christians. Not only do we share with them our material goods but also our spiritual wealth.”
Nearly all the 26 members took part in the event; they conducted the ceremony with the utmost reverence, which touched everyone in the audience. “I share the same ideals as Master Cheng Yen,” said the Father. “We all desire a peaceful world. I am honored to participate in your ceremony.”

(Photo on the left) “I share the same ideals as Master Cheng Yen,” said the Father Victor Celestino Pizoltty Molina. “We all desire a peaceful world. I am honored to participate in your ceremony.” (Photo on the right) The donation made by the 30 Haitians women becomes the first charity fund raised by local people.

Also taking part were 344 Haitian people. As they honored the Buddha, they cleansed their hearts of anxiety and impurity. At the same time, 30 women brought their bamboo coin banks, following the example of the founders of Tzu Chi. “You came all this way to help us,” said one of them. “We should also do something to help our own country.” While their donations may be small, they reflect the compassion of the donors. In Haiti, Mother’s Day is the last Sunday of May. During their work, the volunteers took the opportunity to teach the children about the importance of filial piety. Blessed with love and gratitude, Haiti will recover its former peace.

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