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Oct 16th
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Life Wisdom (12/14/2009 ~ 05/31/2010) - 04/01~30/2010

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Life Wisdom (12/14/2009 ~ 05/31/2010)
12/14 ~ 31/2009
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04/30/2010 Doing Recycling for a Healthier Body and Mind

04/29/2010 Accepting Life's Impermanence and Diligently Cultivating Our Wisdom-life

04/28/2010 Tzu Chi's Cultural Mission---Passing On the Beauty of Human Nature

04/27/2010 Making Use of Our Abilities to Do Good

04/26/2010 Transforming Garbage into a Treasure

04/25/2010 BAllowing the Spirit of Buddhism to Reach All the World

04/24/2010 Be the Guardian of the Earth

04/23/2010 Emulating the Spirit of Venerable Dharma Masters

04/22/2010 Caring for the Earth and All Lives with a Calm and Still Mind

04/21/2010 Returning to Our Original, Pure Nature and Helping Spread Buddhism Worldwide

04/20/2010 Exercising Compassion and Wisdom in Walking the Bodhisattva Path

04/19/2010 Purifying Our Heart for Buddha Day

04/18/2010 One Big Family at Shanlin Great Love Complex

04/17/2010 Touching Truth in the Midst of Tzu Chi Work

04/16/2010 Bringing Out the Beauty of Buddhism

04/15/2010 Creating a Better World by Recycling

04/14/2010 Sharing Good Teachings with the Young and Guiding Them to Give

04/13/2010 Sowing Seeds of Love in Places of Suffering

04/12/2010 Water, the Giver of Life

04/11/2010 A Heart in Harmony, A Wonderful World

04/10/2010 The Importance of Following Life's Principles

04/09/2010 Carrying Out Tzu Chi's Recycling Effort in Sichuan, China

04/08/2010Tapping into the Wellspring of Love Within

04/07/2010Living Vigilantly to Care for the Earth and Our Own Hearts and Minds

04/06/2010 Helping the Suffering and Eating Vegetarian for a Better World

04/05/2010The Meaning of Tomb Sweeping Day

04/04/2010 Perseverance, Wisdom, and Love in the Haiti Emergency Relief Effort

04/03/2010 Guiding Disaster Survivors to Rebuild Their Lives

04/02/2010 Spreading Wholesome Teachings to Inspire Goodness in People

04/01/2010 Witnessing Love and Gratitude in South America

04/01/2010 UWitnessing Love and Gratitude in South America