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Nov 11th
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Life Wisdom (12/14/2009 ~ 05/31/2010) - 02/01~28/2010

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Life Wisdom (12/14/2009 ~ 05/31/2010)
12/14 ~ 31/2009
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02/28/2010 Caring for the Heart of the Patient

02/27/2010 Having the Faith of Selfless Love

02/26/2010 Seizing Time to Learn and Pass on the Dharma

02/25/2010 Being Filial to Parents and Loving All People on Earth

02/24/2010 Sowing Seeds of Selfless Great Love in People Everywhere

02/23/2010 Seizing Time to Do Good and Living an Environmentally Friendly Life

02/22/2010 Paving the Path of Our Life

02/21/2010 Being a Bodhisattva on Holidays and Every Day

02/20/2010 The Importance of Good Thoughts for Peace

02/19/2010 Witnessing Tzu Chi's Values of Humanity in Fuding City, China

02/18/2010 Seizing Time to Serve Others as a Form of Spiritual Cultivation

02/17/2010 Cultivating Ourselves with Sincere Piety and Spreading Great Love Far and Wide

02/16/2010 Winter Aid Distributions in China

02/15/2010 Returning Our Hearts to Our Initial Bodhisattva Vows

02/14/2010 Renewing and Transforming Ourselves Every Day

02/13/2010 Reflections on Goodness on the Eve of the Chinese New Year

02/12/2010 The Joys and Sorrows of Life

02/11/2010 Morakot Survivors Settling into a Housing Village Built with Great Love

02/10/2010 Working Tirelessly to Build Permanent Homes for Morakot Survivors

02/09/2010 Paving a Broad Path in Life by Benefiting Others with Great Love

02/08/2010 The Wonder of Enlightened Love and Karmic Affinities

02/07/2010 Good Thoughts and Good Deeds at Tzu Chi's Annual Winter Distribution

02/06/2010 Helping Disaster Survivors Rebuild a New Life

02/05/2010 Sowing Seeds of Love Through Relief Efforts

02/04/2010 Gathering Love Worldwide to Help Quake Survivors in Haiti

02/03/2010 Carrying Out Relief Efforts in Haiti with Love and Wisdom

02/02/2010 Working in Unity to Help Disaster Survivors

02/01/2010 Racing Against Time to Complete Shanlin Great Love Village