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Aug 08th
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The Need to Create a Wholesome Environment

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[Life Wisdom]
2012/05/22 The Need to Create a Wholesome Environment

On May 20, a bout of heavy rain in southern Taiwan caused flash floods in several areas. Although the floodwaters receded quickly, the homes of many people were inundated. Tzu Chi volunteers moved quickly to help those whose homes were affected by the floods. This is the power of love.


On the same day, an earthquake hit northern Italy; it was followed by two aftershocks. These quakes caused casualties and a great deal of damage, including the complete destruction of several historic buildings centuries old. This showed how impermanent is life and how fragile is the land.

In the Philippines, volunteers held a rice distribution for pregnant women; for them, it was a great relief. The volunteers shared the story of the bamboo bank and invited the ladies to put in a coin each day, to create a flow in the cycle of love.

Although people are affected by disasters, there are others who voluntarily offer their help and care without being asked; such a society is indeed very beautiful and full of hope.


" Abide by your principles in everything you do. Never do things just to satisfy others. For rather than satisfying them, you may be in over your head. "
Jing-Si Aphorism