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Sep 17th
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The Price of Pursuing Illusions

The Price of Pursuing IllusionsJust look around you: How many people in this world are suffering as badly as the denizens of hell and the Realm of Hungry Ghosts? They are helpless in the face of an unavoidable fate.

And yet even people who do not experience such sufferings choose to inflict pain on themselves by tattooing and piercing their bodies or dyeing their hair. By doing those things, they are trying to attract attention from others. This is a form of vanity, and it can even be a kind of psychological disorder.Read more...

Lesotho- distributed corn powder

Lesotho- distributed corn powderOn April 20, Tzu Chi volunteers in Lesotho arrived at Matukeng for a distributio... Read more...

United States-medical and charity services

United States-medical and charity services The city government of San Jose, California, held another Project Homeless Conne... Read more...

Simplicity as A Lifestyles - Xiu Juan Chen

Simplicity as A Lifestyles - Xiu Juan Chen At 35, I was Vice President of the Swiss Bank; and at 40, I served Goldman S... Read more...

Rekinding Their Love

Rekinding Their Love In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea and destroyed the delicate stability of... Read more...
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