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Feb 19th
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A Life of Quality and Value

A Life of Quality and Value[Master's Teaching]
We should all learn to subdue ourselves and practice self-discipline by getting rid of bad habits and wasteful desires. If we try to find happiness by pampering ourselves extravagantly, we let our precious lives pass by in vain, and we even accumulate bad karma. Only when we live with simplicity and frugality will we be able to put minimum strain and impact on the environment and prevent disasters from happening. When we lead a frugal but diligent life and take every opportunity to help others, we set a good example for our children to follow and pass down the formula for happiness from generation to generation.Read more...

The Quality Control Team

The Quality Control TeamThe 649-unit Tzu Chi Great Love Village in the village of Siribopura, Hambantota... Read more...

The Price of Pursuing Illusions

The Price of Pursuing IllusionsJust look around you: How many people in this world are suffering as badly as th... Read more...

Lesotho- distributed corn powder

Lesotho- distributed corn powderOn April 20, Tzu Chi volunteers in Lesotho arrived at Matukeng for a distributio... Read more...

United States-medical and charity services

United States-medical and charity services The city government of San Jose, California, held another Project Homeless Conne... Read more...
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