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Sep 22nd
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I Found Tzu Chi Through My Wife

I Found  Tzu Chi Through My WifeHis wife was so involved in a religious group that he threatened to divorce her. But as he himself grew more and more familiar with the group, his attitude took a turn.

"All the stuff in my home was imported from foreign countries. Even my wife comes from abroad," Kosaka Michio said humorously as he welcomed us into his house.Read more...

El Salvador Earthquakes

El Salvador EarthquakesEl Salvador was overwhelmed by earthquakes, hurricanes, one after another. TIMA ... Read more...

Well Child Nutrition Program

Well Child Nutrition ProgramThe “Well Child Nutrient Program” was lunched in 2006, marking the 20th annivers... Read more...

The Making of a Tzu Chi Surgeon

The Making of a Tzu Chi Surgeon On the operating table he lies, willingly enduring the onslaught of scalpels.

Vows and Commitments in South Africa

Vows and Commitments in South AfricaSince 1989, Tzu Chi has established offices in 47 countries. The majority of the... Read more...
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