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Sep 22nd
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Turning Despair into Hope

Turning Despair into HopeAfter the tsunami struck and destroyed our home, our entire family was forced to live for 12 days in the forest. We escaped death with only the clothes on our backs. Our possessions had been carried away by the huge waves; we owned no clean clothes in which to change, and we did not have enough food to eat or enough water for a shower. We were terrified and exhausted.Read more...

Delaying My Studies for My People

Delaying My Studies for My PeopleOn January 1, 2005, I (Uditha Asanka Waduge ) visited a Tzu Chi medical station ... Read more...

The Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital

The Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital The first in-patient
One night in the orthopedics ward, Kao Wang Ho had trouble f... Read more...

Earthquake in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Earthquake in Yogyakarta, IndonesiaA strong earthquake shook an Indonesian town named Yogyakarta, causing thousands... Read more...

The Origin of Tzu Chi

The Origin of Tzu ChiMaster Yin Shun was 58 years old and Master Cheng Yen was 26 when they first met... Read more...
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