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Feb 19th
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The Power of the Unspoken

The Power of the UnspokenMaster Cheng Yen encourages us to cultivate ourselves so that everyone will take delight in seeing us and enjoy our company.

Not long after I joined Tzu Chi, a judge I knew exhibited a lot of curiosity, and some bewilderment, about our foundation. To help her understand, I provided an elaborate explanation. After listening, she admitted she had a clearer understanding of Tzu Chi. But then she added something which, though embarrassing at the moment, has stuck with me. She said, “Mr. Her, I feel that your explanation is quite reasonable, yet the joy or bliss that I would expect to feel when listening to talks on Buddhism is missing.”Read more...

Soaring With Hope

Soaring With HopeIt was a beautiful night. The moon, clear and bright, was riding high in the sky... Read more...

Maintaining the Natural Beauty of Penghu

Maintaining the Natural Beauty of PenghuPenghu County, located off the southwestern coast of Taiwan, covers an archipela... Read more...

The Selfless Great Love of Body and Organ Donors

The Selfless Great Love of Body and Organ DonorsIn life, the body is something we use to accomplish many things, but we ultimate... Read more...

A Glimpse into His Thoughts

A Glimpse into His ThoughtsAs part of making a documentary Master Yin Shun, Tzu Chi Great Love TV producers... Read more...
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