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Sep 18th
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Tzu Chi Medical Teams to Sri Lanka

Tzu Chi Medical Teams to Sri LankaThe tsunami washed away all the pharmacies in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. There was only one local hospital in the area, and it was impossible for the staff to prescribe all the necessary medicine for the vast and sudden influx of patients. The Tzu Chi medical station opened six days after the disaster, and within three weeks had served over 12,000 people.

On the afternoon of December 28, the Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center received instructions from the Tzu Chi Foundation to immediately begin preparing to send medicine and medical equipment to tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka.Read more...

How Can We Not Love Our Children?

How Can We Not Love Our Children?South African teachers and students boarded a plane in Johannesburg, South Afric... Read more...

Their Future Home

Their Future Home A Great Love Village in Sri Lanka
Imagine once again cooking for your family in a... Read more...

Indian Ocean Tsunami in South Asia

Indian Ocean Tsunami in South AsiaJust after Christmas,
an overwhelming undersea earthquake
caused a series of Tsuna...

Bam, Iran Earthquake

Bam, Iran EarthquakeWithout any warning, a 600 year-old ancient city, Bam, disappeared before dawn; ... Read more...
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