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Jul 11th
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The Master Tells Stories

The Master Tells StoriesSynopsis
In this book, Master Cheng Yen has collected stories from the Buddhist sutras and tells them in language that is simple and easy to understand.
From these stories, we can learn hoe to plant good fortune, do good deeds, and appreciate and create new blessings.
Furthermore, we can learn to grasp every moment to give our live more meaning and value.

The World is Impermanent

The World is  ImpermanentAll our lives rely on the land. The Buddha said, "The world is impermanent, the land is fragile." This truth was recently proved during the attacks of two typhoons.

Herb Was Heartless, But There is Love in Taiwan
Typhoon Gloria just passed through Taiwan at the end of July. Supertyphoon Herb (1996) followed with full fury. Herb landed at Suao, Ilan County, sweeping the northeastern corner of Taiwan and heading for the sea from there. This is what we call a "northwest typhoon." Although it lasted only two short days, the damage was the most serious in the past 30 years. Many homes were destroyed. We don't know how much time it will take to rebuild them.Read more...
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