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Oct 01st
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Relief Distribution to Flood Victims in Serdang, Malaysia

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A heavy afternoon downpour on September 4, 2012, inundated many low-lying areas in Kuala Lumpur. The low-lying areas in Serdang suffered the most serious flood in 60 years. Following a survey and registration of the victims, 79 Tzu Chi volunteers distributed cash and blankets to 180 families at the local Dewan Serbaguna Sri Serdang.

Many days of torrential rain had resulted in severe flooding of the low-lying areas in Serdang, a flood not seen in 60 years. On September 8, a relief distribution of cash and eco-blankets was held at Dewan Serbaguna Sri Serdang (Sri Serdang Multi-Purpose Hall) by Tzu Chi Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.

Great care was taken organize the distribution; and ensure that recipients were received with respect. The volunteers took the opportunity to brief the victims on the origin of Tzu Chi, as well as the origin of the blankets made from recycled PET bottles. Then a Malay translation of Master Cheng Yen's letter of consolation was read. This was followed by a sign language performance of the song, "One Family", which was presented in the spirit of humanity and great love. At the end of the performance, volunteers went round inviting aid recipients to donate in the spirit of great love.

Finally, the main agenda of the day took place. With a deep bow of respect and gratitude, volunteers presented the relief packages of cash and blankets to the flood victims. They in return, bowed with gratitude upon receipt of the packages. Silent words of thanks were exchanged when their eyes met. To the givers, their joy was to offer care; to the recipients, their joy was in receiving timely aid.

Lost everything in the flood

Madam Li Hua Gen almost lost her aged mother to the flood if not for her neighbour's help. She also lost all her personal effects and suffered damages to her belongings, one of which was her fridge, which toppled over at the sudden rush of flood water into the house. When she called the local authority for help, she was referred to Tzu Chi. Tzu Chi volunteers responded almost immediately; and she was awed by the efficient way help was delivered. She was also told to come for the relief distribution.

A pale and sad Wu Lian Jin came for the distribution. She had lost everything in her house because no one was home to rescue any belongings. She was so traumatized by the mess created by the flood that she had to see a doctor first instead of cleaning up. She said she had not been able to sleep since the flood.

The worst hit were families with no one at home, or had only the elderly and the very young in the house. They lost everything to the onrushing flood waters. But despite their losses, they still maintained a spark of cheerfulness and optimism because they believe that with hard work, they can replace whatever belongings they lost.

Ahmad, a retired civil servant, was very impressed with Tzu Chi's efficiency in giving care and aid within 48 hours. He also witnessed the great respect that Tzu Chi accorded to the recipients. He said the blankets that his family received would serve as a reminder of the care and respect given to him and his family.

Disasters are always unpredictable, but Tzu Chi's great love is always available to everybody who needs it. Through this relief distribution, the seed of love had been sowed and we hope the recipients will face tomorrow with determination and courage.


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