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Oct 02nd
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Young Lady Eager to Serve As a Volunteer in Xiamen

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The southeast Chinese port city of Xiamen has just hosted the world’s biggest Buddhist fair, at which Jing Si Publications had a stall. Among those serving at it were a lady from an orphanage who had received a scholarship from the foundation and a man who traveled 20 hours from central China in order to take part.

The first was Li Zhu, who grew up in a welfare home in the central city of Wuhan; it was there that she received a scholarship that enabled her to finish her studies. She now works in a tea company that had a stall at the 7th China Xiamen International Items & Crafts Fair. Opening on the 19th and 20th of October, it was the largest fair of its kind in the world, attracting 3,000 exhibitors from many countries. Among them was Jing Si Publications, which attracted visitors from home and abroad. It was by chance that Miss Li saw Tzu Chi's uniform. When she did, she smiled; she had not imagined that, after she graduated, she would meet the Tzu Chi volunteers again.

“My link with Tzu Chi is a way to cleanse my life,” she said. “Although I say that I grew up in a welfare home, I feel that Tzu Chi people were like Father and Mother to me. They cared for me with the love of parents.” Eager to pay them back for this love and the scholarship she received, Li applied to her employer for leave, so that she could serve at the stall as a volunteer. Her heart is full of gratitude: “I believe that thankfulness is a great force, for myself and for those around us. It is also a great motivation and strength driving us forward. I feel very good.”

The other volunteer was Zhang Weiguo, who lives in the central province of Hubei. He took a train journey of more than 20 hours to reach Xiamen. Without taking a rest, he immediately went to serve at the stall; it was the way to fulfill his wish to be a volunteer for Tzu Chi. “If you ask me if I am tired or not, I would tell you that I do not feel tired,” he said. “This kind of service is very worthwhile. Through taking part today, I can experience myself the spirit of Jing Si culture. I will certainly return next year to work as a volunteer.”

The Jing Si Publications hopes more people will realize the wisdom of the Jing Si books and bring into play the goodness and beauty they represent.

By Wang Ya-shan, Zhang Yi-chuan in Xiamen, Fujian

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" When we treat others with loving-kindness, we will not stir up ill feelings, and we will be able to form good relationships with others. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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