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Oct 03rd
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Weekend Recipes' Corner: Homemade Pancake

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Eating vegetarian food not only reduces the pollution to the earth, but also helps to build a harmonious relationship between our mind and body.

carrot skin
celery leaves
steamed soybean pulp
some flour

a pinch of salt
condensed/thick soy sauce

Dice the carrot skin and celery leaves in fine pieces, combine them with steamed soybean residue, mix in some flour and salt. After mixing it evenly, press small balls of mixture into a round, flat pancake of moderate thickness.

Pan fry both sides in low heat until both sides turn golden in color.

Before serving, season it with some condensed soy sauce to taste (optional). It is perfect for breakfast or as a snack.

Recipe design: Doctor Qingren Yan from Hualian Tzu Chi Hospital
Published in: Tzu Chi Medical Care issue 108

Translator: Hua Yang
Edited by: Hui Ying Chin


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