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Dec 05th
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Celebrate with us Buddha’s Day, Mother’s Day and Tzu Chi Day

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The second Sunday of May is a very special day, as there are three meaningful anniversaries to celebrate: Mother's Day, Buddha Day and Tzu Chi Day.

For Tzu Chi, the day has many meanings – it means encouraging the field of reverence, the field of gratitude -- to be grateful to your parents and teachers -- and the field of compassion -- to give of yourself to help others. In doing so, we may seem to be the "giver"; yet we should be grateful to those who receive our help, because the suffering of others awakens us and makes us realize how blessed we are. Only when people feel their own good fortune can they be truly happy and have a blessed life. Moreover, given how much suffering there is in the world, we are truly fortunate to be someone who has the capacity to help. We are also blessed because many people share our ideals and work with us to carry them out.

Mother's Day signifies "the field of gratitude" we are to cultivate. Buddha Day signifies "the field of reverence" we are to cultivate and Tzu Chi Day signifies “the field of compassion” -- the way we volunteers in Tzu Chi work together to offer love and care. That is where we are to cultivate and nurture compassion. These three together form a great field to cultivate wisdom and blessings.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day is a day to honor our mother, and our parents in general. It reminds us to be good to them and to be filial by caring for them and giving them our love, respect and appreciation.

Buddha Day
The Buddha helps us to grow in the wisdom of life. He tells us that life is full of suffering; he also tells us that there is a way out of suffering. Our suffering comes from the impurities in our heart like greed, anger and ignorance. He teaches us how to take care of our heart and mind and remove our impurities, so that we can return to our innate pure nature, the Buddha nature.

Tzu Chi Day
The third anniversary is Tzu Chi Day. The work of Tzu Chi follows the Buddha's teaching of practicing the Bodhisattva Path and opening our hearts, so that we can care for all people with respect and gratitude and work in harmony with members of other religions in this cause.

Master's teaching: The Meaning of Honoring Buddha Day, Mother's Day, and Tzu Chi Day

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