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Dec 05th
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Annual Statistics on the Schools Rebuilt by Tzu Chi

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Given the important role of education, Tzu Chi dedicates considerable resources to building and rebuilding schools. After the September 21, 1999 earthquake in Taiwan, Tzu Chi launched Project Hope and rebuilt 51 schools so students would not be deprived of a good education after the disaster. In the Iranian city of Bam, Tzu Chi rebuilt five schools for local children after they were destroyed by an earthquake in 2003. Tzu Chi has also built schools in impoverished areas in South Africa and China.
As of December 2012, Tzu Chi has constructed 182 schools in 16 countries.

In Asia: Taiwan (52), Indonesia (34), Iran (5), Sri Lanka (1), Mainland China (56), Thailand (3), Cambodia (2), Myanmar (3), Philippines (1)

In the Americas: Dominican Republic (1), Mexico (1), El Salvador (3), Paraguay (7). Guatemala (1), Haiti (4)

In Africa: South Africa (8)

Note 1: Simple restorations of classrooms, school facilities, etc. are not categorized under the School Reconstruction Project. Also, Tzu Chi Middle School in Jakarta, Indonesia was rebuilt due to floods. Tzu Chi School in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand was rebuilt due to the three-year counter poverty project in Northern Thailand. Both schools are now a part of Tzu Chi’s educational institutions.

Note 2: After Cyclone Nargis impacted Myanmar in 2008, 5 schools were originally planned for reconstruction. However, due to several factors such as land, development plans, etc., only 3 schools were rebuilt. The three schools are Thingangyun No.4 Middle School, Mayangone No.1 High School, and Yangun No.4 High School.

Note 3: Tzu Chi Wuhan Children Welfare Center in Hubei Province, Mainland China is categorized under the Institution Reconstruction Project, and not the School Reconstruction Project.

Note 4: On January 12, 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake left Haiti with serious damages and losses to properties, as well as many injuries and deaths. Tzu Chi Foundation immobilized a disaster relief team, and started rebuilding a total of 4 schools in 2012 – Christ the King Secretarial All-Girls Middle School of the Sisters of Saint Anne, and Durocher Kindergarten. As of December 31, 2012, all 4 schools are still under construction.

Information provided by: Tzu Chi Department of Religious Affairs
Translated by: Hui Xian Wong
Edited by: Loritta Chan


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