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Oct 25th
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Weekend Recipes' Corner: Pumpkin Tomato

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In the fairy tale, Cinderella takes a coach transformed from pumpkins. The author of Cinderella probably came up with this idea because of the large size of pumpkins. Pumpkins can be commonly found, and are full of nutriments. Today, we are going to introduce how to make the dish 'Pumpkin Tomato'.

Ingredients: 1/2 pumpkin, 1 tomato. 1 potato, some edamame
Seasonings: salt, sugar, black pepper, sesame oil

1. Steam and mash the pumpkin.
2. Heat up the pan with oil. Fry the diced potato, followed by the diced tomato. Add in water and edamame. After the potato and edamame are well cooked, add the mashed pumpkin and the seasonings.
3. Plate and top with sesame oil.

Recipe by: Qiao Bao Lian
Translated by Hua Yang
Edited by Hui Xian Wong

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