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Dec 05th
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Tzu Chi Da Ai Housing Units Around the Globe

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As end of 2012, Tzu Chi Foundation built 17,247 units in 13 countries around the world.

Asia (9 countries/regions, 15,902 households)
Structure Details
(3,119 households)
1967 Rebuilt old houses of care recipients: 1 unit
Location: Nan-hua Village, Ji-an Township, Hualien County
1971 Typhoon Nadine Reconstruction: 3 units
Location: Jia-li Village, Singcheng Township, Hualien County
1975 Typhoon Nina Reconstruction: 15 units
Location: Kangle Village, Singcheng Township, Hualien county
1994 Typhoon Doug reconstruction (relocation): 35 units
Location: Cuiluan Tribe, Lising Village, Ren-ai Township, Nantou County
1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake: 1,776 units
Location: Taizhong, Nantou, Yunlin, etc, total of 8 counties, 18 towns, 44 locations
2001 Typhoon Toraji reconstruction: 12 units
Location: Jianqing Village, Wanrong Township, Hualien county
2007 Residence reconstruction for care recipient: 1 unit
Location: Xiulin Township, Xiulin Village, Hualien County
2008 Typhoon Morakot construction (relocation): 1,276 households
Location: Shanlin Township of Kaohsiong County, Shanlin Township of Tainan county, Yujing Township of Tainan county, Changjhih Township and Gaushu Village of Pingtung County
(Note: The project including 2 churches, 3 recreation centers, 1 elementary school)
(1,800 households)
1994 Flood: 1,800 households The project including: parks, farming fields
Location: Rauthat, Sarlahi, Makwanpur counties, total of 4 locations
(227 households)
2001 Earthquake: 227 units The project including: a Job Placement/Training Center
Location: Gujarat Province
(300 households)
1999 Earthquake: 300 units The project including: Mosque, garden, security office, medical station, basketball court and other public amenities
Location: Golcuk City
(4,762 households)
2002 Flood: 1,700 units The project including: school, free clinic, nursing home, etc.
Location: Cengkareng Jakarta Barat(1,100 households), Muara Angke Jakarta Utara(600 households)
2005 South Asian Tsunami: 2,568 units The Project including: school, recreation center, health clinic, 3,700 tents
Location: Banda Aceh(716 households), Aceh Besar (850 households), Aceh Barat(1,002 households)
Indonesia project poverty housing reconstruction: 494 units Residence reconstruction for disadvantaged families
Location: Jakarta, Bandung, Makassar, Surabaya
Sri Lanka
(650 households)
2005 South Asian Tsunami: 649 units The project including: schools, community center, job training center, neighborhood center, assembly halls, 296 tents
Location: Hambantota County, Siribopura County
2011 Residence reconstruction for care recipient: 1 unit
Note: Rebuilding an old leaky house for a care recipient.
(158 households)
1995 Northern Thailand Poverty Projects: 157 units
The project including: Road repairs, water supply projects, highways, city roads extension and other public amenities Location: Chiang Rai province, Queen county, Huahin (56 households), Chiang Rai province Maesuey county, Ban Wawee, Mangara(35 households), Chiangmai province Phang county Changrong (28 households), Chiangmai province Miai county Misara(11 households) and others, total of 4 Tzu Chi village and community houses for disaster victims and poverty household reconstruction
2011 Residence reconstruction for care recipient: 1 unit
Location: Rongpoon
Mainland China
(4,882 households)
1991 Flood: 1,513 units
Location: Quanjiao County, Anhui Province (14 locations), Xinghua County, Jiangsu Province (15 locations)
1992 Flood: 1,594 units
Location: Gushi and Xi County, Henan province, (34 locations)
1994 Flood: 97 units
Location: Guigang and Teng County, Kuangxi Province (3 locations)
1995 Flood: 58 units
Location: Duchang County, Jiangxi Province (2 locations)
1996 poverty projects  79 households
Location: Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province(1 location)
1998 Flood(Typhoon Herb):63 units
Location: Huarong county, Hunan Province (1 location)
2000~2009 Long term poverty relief project: 401 units
Location: Huaxi District (2 locations), Luodian County (5 locations), and Ziyun county (1 location) in Guizhou province
2006 Long term poverty relief projects: 18 units
Location: Dongxiang County, Gansu Province
2006 ~ 2007 Flood (Typhoon Bilis): 155 units
Location: Dapu County and Ruyuan County in Guangdong Province
2006 ~ 2007 Flood: 203 units
Location: Shunchang County (3 location) and Zhangpu County in Fujian Province
2008 Gansu Long Term Impoverished Households Relocation: 210 units
Location: Ruoli village, Jingyuan County, Gansu Province
2008 Earthquake: 91 units
Location: Guangming Village, Fuxing Township, Zhongjiang County, Deyang city, Sichuan Province
2010 Flood: 400 units
Location: Yangkou Township, Shunchang County, Fujian Province (Shangfeng Tzu Chi Great Love Village)
(4 households)
2008 Typhoon Fengshen: 1 units
Location: Iloilo City, Iloilo Province
2008 Poverty Project: 1 units
Location: Pitong Gatang, Tondo, Manila
2009 Poverty Project: 1units
Location: Sta. Mesa, Manila
2011 Poverty Project: 1 units
Location: Marikina (Building a home for Alzheimer’s patient, an elderly woman, who lives alone)
Americas (3 Countries/regions, 1,276 households;Excluding on-progress households)
Structure Details
El Salvador
(1,175 households)
2001 Earthquake: 1,175 units The project including: recreation center, soccer field, clinic, school, job training center, Da Ai Agricultural classrooms, etc.
Location: Sacacoyo(340 households) and Chanmigo(835 households) in La Libertad Department
(100 households)
1998 Flood: 100 units
Location: Chiclayo, Lambayeque Province
United States
(1 households)
2003 poverty projects: 1 unit
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

(24 households)
※Under construction※

2011 Flood: 24 units
Location: Morcavia City, Choluteca Note: Tzu Chi Foundation Mid-term and Long-term flood rebuilding project. Building 24 permanent structures in the current location of Morcavia city’s temporary housing. The construction began on Dec 17, 2012.
Africa(1 Countries/regions, 69 households)
Structure Details
South Africa
(69 households)
2000 Flood: 69 units The project including: Children’s playground, convenience store, phone booths, public bathrooms/showers, recreation center
Location: Alexander area, Johannesburg

Note: This statistics only includes completed households, excludes planned unites and unconfirmed units. Thus, the Honduras flood rebuilding project and the 24 permanent units under construction since December 2012 are not included in 2012 reconstruction numbers.

Source: Tzu Chi Department of Religious Affairs
Translated by Hui Ying Chin
Edited by Kristofor Fan


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