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Oct 03rd
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The Love of Humane Medical Professionals

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[Master's Teachings]
In her speech at the Morning Volunteer Assembly on September 18, Master Cheng Yen mentioned that Severe Tropical Storm Usagi was forecast to intensify into a typhoon, which was very worrying. But she commented that she could see the pious sincerity of all the TIMA members as they gathered for the annual TIMA convention at the Jing Si Hall.

According to the weather forecast, Severe Tropical Storm Usagi would approach Taiwan on Mid-Autumn Festival as it intensified into a typhoon. Master Cheng Yen expressed her concern about the approaching tropical storm, and reminded everyone to be vigilant and sincerely pray for the peace and safety of all.

A Special Gathering on the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Master also shared how TIMA members around the world came to gather during the Mid-Autumn Festival every year.

“Someone suggested to me that as Taiwan is often affected by typhoons during the Mid-Autumn Festival, we should perhaps change the date of the annual TIMA convention. But I replied that we couldn’t do that because I had an agreement with Dr. Leh Siu Chuan to have a gathering with TIMA members on this day (and we wish to keep the tradition),” said Master Cheng Yen, as she recalled the late doctor from the Philippines.

The Master further said that on the day before, a TIMA member from Singapore said his family members asked him why the TIMA convention has to be held on the Mid-Autumn Festival (which falls on a full moon day), an occasion that only happens once in a year where families gather to celebrate. He replied that there is a full moon day every month where a family can have a gathering together, but TIMA members worldwide only come together during the Mid-Autumn Festival, so it is a very meaningful event. Hearing that, the Master was deeply moved.

Relieving the Suffering of the Sick

TIMA members around the world often have to overcome many difficulties and challenges to bring relief to the needy sick. For that, Master Cheng Yen expressed her gratitude to the medical volunteers. She also spoke of Tzu Chi volunteers’ work in Jordan, “For those already in the hospital, we can help them with their medical expenses or give them nutritional supplements. For the injured who have to stay in residential housing because the hospital couldn’t admit them, Tzu Chi volunteers need to bring them care. A few days ago, our volunteers also held a free clinic in collaboration with a foundation headed by Prince Hassan. They were able to overcome every challenge that came their way. Seeing the plight of people there, I truly feel that they are suffering unspeakably.”

Jordan is a popular destination for refugees from countries in the Middle East afflicted with internal strife or war. Throngs of refugees that travel to Jordan in seek of a safe shelter are often lack of adequate daily necessities, such as food and clothing. Many of those who are injured have no access to medical care. Hence, Tzu Chi volunteers in Jordan work to provide both aid and medical care to these people in need despite difficulties in getting enough manpower and material supplies.

Master Cheng Yen added, “Some of our volunteers also went to impoverished areas (to bring aid and support to the needy). There are many suffering people in the world, but Tzu Chi volunteers are full of love and will bring help to people in need. We can bring value to our lives by giving of ourselves to serve people. Even the poor can contribute their effort to help better the environment and the lives of people, too.”

Illness is the greatest suffering in life. The Master is grateful that wherever there are Tzu Chi or TIMA doctors, there is hope for people. “The world cannot do without medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. So every day, I feel grateful that our Tzu Chi medical staff in Taiwan are not only providing professional medical services to patients, but they are also working to care for patients with love. I’m even more grateful to our TIMA members worldwide. They help to safeguard people’s lives and health with love. Every day, there is so much to be thankful for. I hope that our medical staff in Taiwan can share their work and experiences with our guests from overseas.”

Selfless Silent Mentors

At the convention, besides learning about humanistic approaches to medical care, the attendees also participated in a simulated surgery class conducted in Tzu Chi University via video conferencing.

“Speaking of our silent mentors (Tzu Chi body donors), would there be rain the day after tomorrow (due to the tropical storm) as their funeral are being held? I’m very concerned about that. Many of the silent mentors were my disciples. Although I feel very sad to see them go, it is life’s natural course. They had joined Tzu Chi and given of themselves to benefit humanity throughout their lives. They even donated their bodies for medical research after they passed away. Every one of them was my good disciple who had made valuable contributions in Tzu Chi,” said Master Cheng Yen

The Master is very grateful to the body donors for their selfless giving. She also thanked teachers and students of Tzu Chi University’s medical school for the sincere respect they show to their silent mentors. They have even gone to the crematorium where their silent mentors will be cremated to clean up the place to show their gratitude with respect.

“May our doctors, nurses and all other medical staff contribute greatly to the mission of safeguarding the lives and health of people. What’s most important is the selfless love they have,” said Master Cheng Yen.

Excerpts from Master Cheng Yen’s speech at the Morning Volunteer Assembly on 2013/09/18
Translated by Clara Fu

" If our views and thinking are misguided, what we do will be mistaken. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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