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Feb 03rd
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Solving Problems with Love and Care

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If life was full of love and care, the world would be a kind, and beautiful place!

The Love of Tzu Chi Faith Corps

When a member of the Tzu Chi Faith Corps felt unwell and went to the Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center for a check-up, he was found to have stomach cancer and had to undergo surgery. From the day he was admitted into the hospital until the day he left after a successful surgery, fellow Tzu Chi Faith Corps members were by his side day and night, taking turns to care for him.

One day when I went to visit him, two Tzu Chi Faith Corp members were helping him carry his IV drip and supporting him, as he took a stroll down the corridor. A feeling of pure, loving care shone through their expressions and actions.

He told me: “I am very grateful for my fellow brothers’ care.” I asked, “Where is your wife?” One of his Faith Corps colleagues replied: “his children are still young. We all hope that his wife is able to stay home and take care of the children; thus, we are here taking turns to care for him.” That was such a heart-warming reply – “we are here taking turns to care for him.”

On another occasion, I met two Tzu Chi Faith Corps members in the hospital shortly after noon. I asked them: “what are you doing here?” They replied: “Master, today it is our turn to come to look after our brother.” I said: “is he feeling better?” They replied: “he is doing much better! We are really glad to see him recover and regain his health.”

I asked: “do you all take turns to come and look after him every day?” They said: “yes! There are so many of us, so taking different shifts to care for him isn’t tiring at all. In addition, we are all very happy to do this for him.” Everyone was caring for him with such a sincere heart.

It is truly moving to witness the selfless giving that grew out of the great love between fellow Tzu Chi Faith Corps members.

The Love of Tzu Chi Commissioners

This is another example a few years ago. A Tzu Chi Commissioner from Kaohsiung was injured in a car accident and her fellow Tzu Chi Commissioners took turns to care for her day and night. They did this from the day she was admitted into the hospital until the day she was discharged. The sisterly love within our large Tzu Chi family is truly very deep, sincere and beautiful!

Two years ago, there was a similar example in Taichung.

A Commissioner had cancer and had to be admitted into hospital. Her husband was suffering from a stroke, her son was studying in Taipei and her daughter was already married. So she had no close family members to care for her; fellow Tzu Chi Commissioners took turns to care for her day and night. They also helped to do her household chores and also cared for her husband.

Even biological sisters may not have been able to put in so much effort. But, because Tzu Chi members embrace the Great Love within their hearts, they are able to help out with so much joy. No matter whose turn or what shift it was, they put everything into their care, moving those around them. This is Great Love!

Loving and caring for each other: living in this way is truly beautiful. Many problems arise within our society because of the lack of this mutual care and Great Love.

The Love of Schoolmates

On another occasion, I went to the Tzu Chi General Hospital’s Department of Social Work and encountered a group of students. All had smiles on their faces -- full of a joyful, innocent and youthful spirit. However, there was one student who had no smile on her face. I asked: “what’s wrong?” Another student replied: “she is feeling very down.”

I asked the girl: “is there something bothering you?” She replied: “I don’t really know what’s bothering me.”

I said: “Are you feeling unwell anywhere?” She said: “I don’t know, but my heart feels very heavy; I feel a lot of pressure and stress from studying.”

I asked her fellow schoolmate: “is her family informed about this?” She replied: “yes.” A volunteer added: “I told her that, if she wanted to go home, I would accompany her.” Hearing this from the volunteer, I felt more at ease.

This group of students is very protective of her and cares for her a great deal; this is the love between schoolmates. If someone was feeling down or facing a problem, they would accompany her to the doctor or look for a volunteer mother together. This act of schoolmates caring for each other is also very touching.

In the newspapers, there were stories about students attempting suicide by jumping off buildings or cutting their wrists. There really is no explanation for these acts; these students take things too hard and blindly follow a moment of bad judgment! The problems teenagers keep to themselves are truly worrying. If fellow schoolmates are able to act with concern and love, these misfortunes can definitely be reduced.

Therefore life needs both mutual love and mutual care. Only then will life be harmonious and blessed. Of course, to achieve this, the most natural and pure Great Love that exists within and between people’s hearts must be exercised. To sum up, everything should start from the heart!

I have always said that this “heart” must constantly be practicing the thought of loving others. At every moment, there must always be the intent to respect others and love all sentient beings. Of course, we must constantly be mindful to achieve all of this!

Addressed by Dharma Master Cheng Yen on April 26, 1996.

Translated by Hui Xian Wong
Edited by Dennis Lee and Mark O’Neill