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Oct 03rd
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The Love and Blessings from Tzu Chi

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Since Tzu Chi Foundation’s arrival in Tacloban on November 15, the organization has achieved success with its Cash-for-Work program starting on November 20th. In less than a month, 280,000 people have regained strength and cleaned their homes. Through the relief fund from Cash-for-Work, the participants can face rising inflation and purchase materials for rebuilding. Since December 14, there will be three days of large-scale aid distributions to conclude the emergency stage of relief work.

After Typhoon Haiyan swept across the Philippines, the disaster has devastated nearly all the houses by the seashore. Tzu Chi’s Cash-for-Work program covers areas from Anibong Elementary School to San Jose Barangay, Tzu Chi volunteers worked hand-in-hand with local residents on cleaning the streets of 70 barangays (districts). In working with Tacloban’s waste management plan, 40 trucks, several loaders, excavators and other heavy equipments are arranged to remove post-disaster debris in avoidance of pandemic diseases and rejuvenate the city’s vitality.

Besides Cash-for-Work program, Tzu Chi International Medical Association and medical staff from Tzu Chi hospitals (from Taiwan) have carried out 4 large-scale medical services. In the form of mobile free clinic, the medical service is available to resident on-site. The free clinic has served more than 4,000 people accumulated. At the same time, the instant rice developed by Tzu Chi International Humanitarian Aid Association has come to great use in the afflicted areas without supply of water and electricity; a total number of 190,000 portions hot meals are provided. The nutritious instant rice has flavors of corn and vegetables. Only hot water is needed for consumption and it is hugely popular among Tacloban residents.

In following Master Cheng Yen’s instruction, “Education is a priority in rebuilding a disaster area.” Since December 11th, Tzu Chi Foundation has built pre-fabricated classrooms in Tunga Central School and Scared Heart School. An estimate of over 50 classrooms will be built. The pre-fabricated classroom can be used for 5 years. Good ventilation and safety measures are the design features. The classrooms projects hope for students to return to school and study in a safe space.

In helping victims to overcome this disaster, Tzu Chi volunteers from all over the world have campaign to “Raise Hearts and Love”. Forty-four countries and regions including South Africa, Mozambique, Haiti, the United States, Malaysia and others have fundraised in wintery or sun-scorching streets. Regardless of rich or poor, people are helping Haiyan typhoon victims to rebuild their lives. Besides Tacloban, Tzu Chi also distributed aid and emergency relief fund, and provided medical services in Ormoc,Tunga and Dulag.

Since its establishment in 1993, Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines Regional Office has upheld Master Cheng Yen’s principle of “Great kindness and great compassion to all”, Tzu Chi Philippines actualizes Tzu Chi’s four missions: charity, medicine, education and humanistic culture. Besides the eye center and dental clinic in Manila, there are several branch offices and recycling stations throughout the Philippines in promoting altruistic love and action. In 2008, after Ketsana Typhoon struck the Philippines, Cash-for-Work program was first implemented in the city of Marikina and it took only 18 days for the city to reclaim its orderliness. With Typhoon Haiyan, volunteers and medical staff from Taiwan, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other areas have devoted themselves to the first-line of relief work. An estimate number of over 3,000 people have committed in this Haiyan relief.

Translated by Jenny Lee

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