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Mar 26th
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Home Global Activities America Volunteers Deliver Heaters and Gas Stoves to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Volunteers Deliver Heaters and Gas Stoves to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

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On three days in December, Tzu Chi volunteers in Jordan delivered relief aid, including space heaters, gas stoves, blankets and milk powder to Syrians who have taken refuge in the neighbouring country. They also held a year-end blessing ceremony for them to raise their spirits during their time of trouble.

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria in March 2011, more than two million people have fled their homes and taken refuge in neighboring countries. The Tzu Chi volunteers in that country are doing their best to help them.

On December 6, they held a year-end blessing ceremony for 100 refugees living in the Ramtha area; it was the first such event for Syrian refugees. They watched a video in Arabic that explained the work of the foundation during 2013, while the volunteers gave an explanation. They tried to understand the global mission of Tzu Chi; they felt the selfless love that was being given to them. As they prayed, they held up candles. Even though they have lost their own property and fled far from home, they still prayed for their fellow countrymen at home and the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Everyone prayed that the refugees can be released as soon as possible from their difficulties and return to a peaceful life.

The ceremony included a winter distribution, of space heaters, gas stoves, blankets and milk powder, to help them endure the cold winter in this foreign land. For the infants, the volunteers provided baby shoes made by the nuns at the Abode in Hualien, as well as a red envelopes of Wisdom and Blessing.

Volunteer Chen Qiu-hua said: “the winter is very cold. That is why we have provided space heaters and gas tanks to 41 families. At the same time, we have brought them the blessings of Master Cheng Yen and the Tzu Chi family around the world.”

The refugees were very moved by the ceremony and the warmth shown to them. One of them, Asma, said: “this will greatly help us to pass the winter. The gas stoves can help us keep warm. The children badly need them. And this warmth is not only for our bodies but also our hearts. Thank you very much.”

On December 8, the volunteers in Amman, the national capital, held a second year-end blessing ceremony for 20 Syrian refugee families.

On December 15, the volunteers provided badly needed food and other relief goods to 147 families in a new refugee camp set up at Sa-hab, south of Amman. The area was hit by a heavy fall of snow. So the volunteers are doing their best to help.