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Oct 02nd
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Volunteer Continues to Uphold Sworn Mission

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Staying true to his vow as a volunteer for Tzu Chi Foundation, 47-year-old Edison Hina actively participates in almost all charitable activities led by the organization in Metro Manila.

He was among the locals from Marikina City who joined the organization in launching various rehabilitation programs in communities severely affected by typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in Leyte province.

Among the initial relief operations made by the Buddhist group in Tacloban is the launching of a cash-for-work program to help clean their communities. This program has gathered at least 287,000 man-days of cleanup work. Another is the cash aid distribution where around 40,000 families.

Volunteers like Hina were among the first groups to respond to the plight of the disaster victims in early November last year.

When the volunteers were convinced that the typhoon victims were slowly recovering, Hina and the others returned to Manila to continue their charitable missions.

On January 30, he joined the relief activity for 47 fire-stricken families in Barangay San Antonio, Quezon City. Almost 17 Tzu Chi volunteers and staff, who took part in the relief operations in Leyte, joined the said activity.

“After Tacloban, I’m happy to see that all of us are united again in order to help our needy fellowmen. This just shows that we will not leave each other for the sake of helping,” Hina says.

Through a short program, he also shared with the fire victims about his experience in Leyte while conducting relief efforts for typhoon Yolanda survivors.

This became an opportunity to introduce the foundation’s humble beginnings through the guidance of Master Cheng Yen – a Buddhist nun who established Tzu Chi in 1966. One of the volunteers shared the story behind the bamboo coin bank wherein the Master encouraged her 30 disciple-housewives to set aside NT 50 cents a day to help in charitable missions when she first founded Tzu Chi.

Feeling enlightened that they could help despite being victims of a fire incident, the latter gave loose changes to Tzu Chi Foundation. This was enclosed with a heartfelt prayer that the whole world be peaceful and be free from any kind of disaster.

In the actual relief distribution, each family received 20-kilos Taiwan rice, eating utensils, a local blanket, detergent soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, dishwashing liquid, slippers, and a bag of clothes. These blessings were gratefully received by Myra.

“This is of big help to us because we were not able to retrieve any of our belongings. I’m deeply touched with their way of helping people and this inspired me to give my donations,” she said. Añunuevo adds that she hopes that her donations will aid disaster victims like her.

At present, she and the other fire victim remain at the barangay covered court.

A fire outbreak of unknown origin happened on January 28 at around 10 in the morning. The incident gutted 16 homes, leaving 50 families homeless. Although such is the case, the victims are thankful that no one was hurt or killed.

The next day, Tzu Chi volunteers conducted a fire survey to see what the victims may need. This was also followed by a stub distribution which the victims will use to receive their aid supplies.

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