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May 31st
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Mayor of Philippine City Thanks Master Cheng Yen in Person

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The Mayor of a Philippine city devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) came in person to Hualian to thank Master Cheng Yen for the help it has received from the Tzu Chi Foundation.

On January 28, Edward Codilla, Mayor of Ormoc, and his wife came to the Jing Si Abode, the home of Master Cheng Yen, to express the gratitude of all the residents of his city for the love and concern shown by members of the foundation in 46 countries. “Tzu Chi was sent by God to help us,” he said. “Thank you very much.”

On November 8 last year, the typhoon struck the central island of Leyte. The damage to the cities of Ormoc and Tacloban was especially severe. Volunteers of the foundation arrived quickly on the scene; since then, their love and concern have never ceased. They have provided emergency cash and goods, giving the most timely help to the residents: they also quickly started a cash-for-work program, organizing people to rebuild their own communities. This has given them enormous hope, the strength and optimism to start their lives again and take part in reconstruction with their own hands.

Tzu Chi volunteers believe that ‘education cannot wait’. In this spirit, the foundation has provided temporary classrooms, so that teachers and students do not have to conduct classes in the open air or in rooms that were seriously damaged; nor do they have to endure intense heat or attend classes holding an umbrella. These classrooms enable the students in the affected areas to continue their education. Facing this disaster that comes once in a century, the love of Tzu Chi has spread from Taiwan to 46 countries around the world, touching the hearts of people to help the Philippines. It aroused the spirit of ‘when disaster strikes one place, 10 places step forward to help’. This project of ‘Let Love Raise Up the Philippines’ deeply touched the people in the areas hit by Haiyan.

Mayor Codilla said: “I bring the thanks of all the citizens of Ormoc. I have flown a long way to express our thanks in person to Master Cheng Yen and the members of Tzu Chi around the world. I am presenting you with this certificate of gratitude. Typhoon Haiyan brought great devastation of life and property to every resident of Ormoc. Tzu Chi’s selfless and continuing concern have been an important factor in our reconstruction. With the encouragement of Tzu Chi, we have been able to face this terrible tragedy and start to rebuild.”

At the moment, the foundation is holding end-of-year ceremonies of blessings, to encourage more people to take part in the reconstruction. These events not only enable residents to express their gratitude but also to realize the extent of the disaster and to understand it. Under the leadership of Tzu Chi, everyone has been praying with a sincere heart for a world without disasters. Mayor Codilla and his wife have taken part in all these events.

The foundation has completed the first stage of its aid to the residents of the areas hit by Haiyan. It is now drawing up a long-term relief plan. In the first phase, it delivered 118 temporary classrooms to the affected area and plans to help 25 schools that were damaged. In addition, a further 33 schools need 125 temporary classrooms. They can not only solve the immediate problem of education but also serve as refugee shelters or medical treatment rooms; they have many uses. The foundation will continue to provide help and comfort.

Report by Yan Fu-jiang in Hualian, January 28, 2014

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