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Sep 28th
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To Build a Safe Study Environment

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Since Cyclone Nargis devastated Myanmar in 2008, Tzu Chi volunteers have been working continuously to help the survivors rebuild their homes and communities. In remote villages, they have helped children go to school. One team of volunteers went to Thanlyin township, one hour’s drive from Yangon (Rangoon), and personally visited schools in each area. They decided to rebuild 12, with a total of 71 classrooms, to enable the students to have a good learning environment.

They found many hole in the school buildings -- not made by man but the result of years of eating by termites. When they walked outside the classrooms and saw the supporting structures, they realized how dangerous this damage had made the buildings. After Cyclone Nargis, the volunteers worked ceaselessly to help the students in remote villages go to school. But the old, dilapidated buildings and environment made the reconstruction difficult for them.

Volunteer Wang Ming-de said: “It is very easy for the children of these farmers to obtain education. They have to walk many hours to reach their schools.”

Pu Xin-wei, the Taiwan contractor responsible for the construction, said: “either the classrooms or the environment are not in good conditions. When we saw what they had, we felt very sad. So we very much wanted to complete the project as quickly as possible.”

One of the team member was Wang Shu-qing, who responsible for the interior decoration; he was meticulous in every detail. He shared his background that he was born and spent earlier years of his life in Myanmar. “Ever since I left, I always want to do something for the people of Myanmar. This is the place where I was born. I share the same feeling with these children.” All the volunteers have the same commitment and purpose – to bring more hope to the children of Myanmar in their education.

Report by Wang Mian-mian

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