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Sep 28th
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Brand New School Uniform

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In 2014, after making evaluations, Tzu Chi volunteers decided to go to six primary schools in the city to distribute school uniforms. In February, they made the distributions at four and in March set aside two days to visit Henderson Elementary School and Bayles Elementary School.

The students came to realize that, in giving the uniforms, the volunteers cared for them like their own parents; in recognition of this, they made a special handbill on which they expressed their gratitude in their own handwriting. They also adopt bamboo banks, to learn from Tzu Chi in raising money and cultivating love to do good.

The students expressed their thanks in the poster because they know that the volunteers are walking with them on their long road of study. The principal of Henderson Elementary said: “many students come to us with maybe one or two t-shirt per year. So this is been very grate for them.”

The distribution tells them that each uniform carries the blessing of Tzu Chi people around the world. It also encourages everyone to do good, whether they are rich or poor. A teacher at Henderson Elementary said: “you know that showing these kids that good works should be performed and shown to others. I love that. They are already talking about collecting money helping another school.”

The teachers and parents at Henderson Elementary and Bayles Elementary said that the distribution was a precious lesson.

Keysha Smith, Fellow Principal of Bayles, said: “our kids, they are the future. And you showed how much you care; how much you respect the fact that they are in need.
And then you are able to provide. You have the humbleness to say even those I am the giver I am bowing to you...”

Everyone knows that, while the meeting was short, the love of Tzu Chi people is for the long term.

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" A fulfilling life is not preoccupied with material objects, prestige, or power. It is a life that is filled with true friendships, sharing, and caring for each other. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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