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Aug 19th
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The Fundamentals of Virtue. Pillars of World Peace

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Master Cheng Yen translates the essence of the Buddha’s teachings into simple and easy- to- understand language to exemplify life lessons. Her exquisite words and caring thoughts inspire wisdom and provide direction amidst delusional thinking.

In the world, there are natural disasters caused by the disequilibrium of the Four Elements (earth, water, fire, and air) as well as man-made conflicts caused by uncontrollable human desires. Actually, the disharmony in people's minds is even more dangerous than the disequilibrium of the climate. With their disquieted minds, people disrupt the order of Nature's laws, throwing the entire environment into disarray.

Filial piety is the foundation of human decency. A filial and respectful person is blessed. We should start with ourselves to revive filial piety, which is the original goodness of human nature. Like waves, our actions will ripple out to influence our family members, our community, and then the world. When all of us diligently practice filial piety, cherish ourselves and others, and respect and love Mother Nature, all things can coexist in harmony, the climate will be temperate, and the world will be peaceful and free from disasters.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen expects everyone to influence a classmate, colleague, friend, or relative to become a bodhisattva. She hopes that each person can even resolve to inspire one bodhisattva every day. If everyone can do this, the energy of love will fill all places and the strength to purify human minds will be enhanced. Only then can we gather enough committed people in this troubled world and this era of declining Dharma to promulgate the Dharma, benefit all beings, and promote Buddhism in the human realm. If we do not act immediately, it will soon be too late.

Author: Shih Cheng Yen
Language: English
Translator: Tzu Chi USA Translation Team
Publisher: Jing Si Publications Co., Ltd.
Pages: 208
Release date: May, 2014


" One evil thought plants an evil karmic seed; one good thought will result in good karmic fruit. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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