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Sep 28th
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The Netherland BOS Interviews DA.AI Technology

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The Netherland Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation (BOS) is the first public Buddhist television station among the Western culture, and the producer, Babeth M. Vanloo, visited DA.AI Technology on July 4th, accompanied by Tzu Chi volunteers. Over hours of in depth interview, producer Vanloo was impressed by DA.AI’s humanistic core values, and the company’s dedication on turning recycled resources into high quality products. Such wisdom “not only saves our environment, but also creates a role model of green brand and corporate social responsibility,” especially after learning about the amount of people and love involved behind the brand makes DA.AI even more meaningful.

Being one of the well-known producers and directors in Amsterdam, Babeth M. Vanloo has produced over 50 television show series. She is also a Buddhist and knows about the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation of Taiwan, which is why she took the initiative to contact Tzu Chi Foundation before this trip to Taiwan, and wanted to present and dedicate one of her works to Dharma Master Cheng Yen. She also visited Tzu Chi’s recycling station and several other locations throughout the trip to learn about the humanism spirit behind the organization. She was deeply touched by the Tzu Chi volunteers’ action to save the planet, as well as connect everyone together spiritually.

DA.AI’s core values, Culture of Environmental Protection, Circle of Love, and Contribution to Society, are in fact practices of the Buddhism principles in daily life, and also provided Vanloo inspiration on future products. Dharma Master Cheng Yen was impressed of her works, and wishes for her to become the role model in the field and pass on the Buddha teaching.

DA.AI Reporter, Sandy Huang, Taipei
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