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Sep 21st
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Rainbow Nigiri

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Oil-free Cooking, healthy food with no burden

1 carrot
1 apple
2 slices of tofu curd
2 cucumbers
2 kiwis
some corn kernels
1 bag of nori seaweed
1 pitaya/white dragon fruit
1/5 head of red cabbage
2 teaspoon of peanut powder

1.Julienne the ingredients to approximately 6 cm long
2. Blanch and then place the carrot, cucumber, and bean curd into icy water (water
with ice in it) to maintain the crispiness.
3.Julienne the pitaya and kiwi to eliminate the extra juice.
4.Lightly grill the Nori.
5. Wrap the ingredients with nori to make a nigiri
and lightly add the peanut powder on top.

Design: Mu-Rung Lee
Tzu Chi Medical Care February 2014 Vol. 17


The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode


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