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Oct 01st
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Tzu Chi and DA.AI, Promoting Vegetarianism and Environmental Protection Technology

Tzu Chi and DA.AI, Promoting Vegetarianism and Environmental Protection Technology

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To promote vegetarianism and eco-living style, DA.AI Technology combined effort with Tzu Chi volunteers to host an evening gathering on July 15th, and invited the United States English volunteers and educational representatives to enjoy a dinner meal together made with Jing Si product, in DA.AI’s Eco Concept Store.

Throughout the event, Chen Li Shou led the Jing Si cuisine volunteers to present delicious dinner for everyone, and DA.AI’s staff, Tom Yang, shared the company’s mission, and provided tour to the guests. International volunteers Jasmine Kao and Jiang Shang Gu shared that they are very supportive of the ideas of vegetarianism and eco-friendly life style, and should be greatly promoted so that more people can understand the benefit and participate.

After the gathering, Chen shared the reason for his love in Jing Si food product, and how it demonstrates Master Chen Yen’s call for “Clean from the Origin.” Making cuisine with non-polluted Jing Si food ingredients, planted and made by the Jing Si Masters themselves, not only supports vegetarianism, but also gives the body a light and clean feeling. He also believes that DA.AI shares similar core principle by promoting “Clean from the Origin, Refinement of Recycling” idea, and reducing the Earth’s burden. It is such soft-power that can purify people’s heart, and truly make the world a better place.

The evening gathering in DA.AI was filled with great interactions of food, concept, and practical action, and was certainly a great experience of environmental protection education for the guests, which showed them Taiwan’s dedication in saving the planet. “Thanks to DA.AI and Tzu Chi’s volunteers to provide us the chance to see Taiwan’s work in promoting vegetarianism and environmental protection, and set a great example to the world,” the Principal, Wang Ru Xing, of Shen Keng High School said with gratitude after the event.

DA.AI Reporter, Iter Lu, Taipei

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