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Feb 03rd
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DA.AI, Promoter of Environmental Protection and Corporate Citizen

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The idea of “Corporate Citizen” started from the 1980’s, talked about the relationship between corporate and its responsibility towards the society, and pointed out the importance of how corporate should take the lead to influence the world onto a better track.

DA.AI Technology, the winner of 2011 Commonwealth Publishing CSR Award, as well as the 2013 Manager Today Small and Medium Enterprise CSR Award, is certainly a loyal supporter in such concept. Starting from 1990, when Dharma Master Cheng Yen of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation called for “do recycling with the applauding hand,” it was the origin of DA.AI Technology’s core value. In 2008, with everything in place, the 5 of Master’s disciples established DA.AI, and then donated full share of this unique company combining environmental protection humanism spirit and charity purpose back to Tzu Chi Foundation, for more disastrous victims around the world can benefit from the company’s 100% net proceeds contribution.

DA.AI’s core values, culture of environmental protection, cycle of love, and contribution to society, strengthen its eco-friendly product with humanism spirits. Purchasing the clean and thoroughly sorted PET bottles from Tzu Chi’s environmental promoters in over 5,637 recycling stations with gratitude, DA.AI then relies on all the love filling co-operate partner along the manufacturing process to turn what was meant to be thrown away into useful textile products, and further into revenue and eventually donates fully to Tzu Chi Foundation for charity purposes. Turning recyclables into gold, and gold into love, everyone participated along this cycle of love is indeed what we called “Bodhisattva” in the Buddhism legend, and dedicates to all living being’s peacefulness and happiness.

This year, DA.AI applied for Common Wealth’s Excellence in CSR Award, and wishes to influence more people the concept of “recognize blessing, cherish blessing, and create more blessing.” The award investigator Ms. Chen Hui Shan shared with DA.AI on her visit that “the public knows limited about eco-friendly product, even though it is a well-growing field, many still see it as product made with garbage. I am glad that DA.AI is dedicated in what it is doing, and educating the public that our current living style is harmful to the Earth and needs to be changed.”

Other than dedicating in turning recycled PET bottles into eco textile product, DA.AI is also a platform of love that combines expertise from different fields, and get everyone with the intention to protect the environment and participate in charity into this circle of love. Moreover, conducting research on the Cradle to Cradle design model, DA.AI wishes to take a step further, from lowering waste to zero waste, and protect the Earth and save more resources for our future generations.
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