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Aug 09th
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Jar in Water -- The Master Tells Stories 2

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[The Master Tells Stories 2]
This book is a collection of 12 stories told by Dharma Master Cheng Yen which come alive with vivid illustrations, allowing readers to easily capture the wisdom of Buddhist teachings as they follow the twists and turns of each story. Through the stories, readers will learn about the karmic law of cause and effect, as well as to cultivate right views and correct thinking, and to comprehend the meaning of life.

Jar in Water is the title of the sixth story in the book. In this story, a young man could not come to terms with the passing of his father, so the Buddha wisely devised a way to help him understand the law of karma. He asked the young man to fill a jar with oil and another with rocks, and then throw both jars into a river. The rocks sank while the oil floated, just as how good karma will help one to rise while bad karma will cause one to sink. Where a person goes after death depends on what he does when he is alive. Therefore, we should be careful of our every thought, word, and action.

In the fifth story, All Things in the World Have Their Purpose, an arrogant young monk caused a big trouble because he overrated his intelligence. In the end, he realized an important principle —everything has its function and every person has his own strengths; hence, one must respect all beings and their potentials.

Storytelling: Shih Cheng Yen
Illustrator: Lim Chor Yeow
Language: English
Translator: Dharma as Water Editorial Team, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation USA
Publisher: Tzu Chi Cultural Publishing Co.
Release date: July, 2014