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May 30th
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NGO Taiwan Experience Group Experienced the DA.AI Humanism Spirit

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The NGO Taiwan Experience Reporter Group, consists of 6 editors, publishers, and reporters from Honduras, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Vietnam, and Palau, visit Taiwan from 7/22 to 7/27. The Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs arranged the visiting of Tzu Chi’s Guandu Recycling Station, Da Ai Television, and DA.AI Technology Headquarter in Neihu District to demonstrate the largest NGO group in the Asian culture, and what it has contributed in the field of environmental protection and humanism spirit over the past 49 years.

DA.AI was elected this year for the 1st Taiwan Presidential Innovation Award, which brought international media’s attention and eventually led to this NGO group visit. Throughout the visit, DA.AI staff, Lori Chen and Tom Yang, explained thoroughly of the company’s mission, core value, Eco Concept Store, and laboratory, which the guests applauded with amazement.

Reporter from the El Nuevo Diario of Nicaragua, Daniela Abascal Olivas, believes that DA.AI’s eco-friendly textile apparel is not only functional, but also designful. “Purchasing a DA.AI clothing is not only buying a product, but also recognition of everyone’s participation and love throughout the process.” She found DA.AI’s production process amazingly interesting, because it “turns garbage into elegant product.” For example, the green color comes from the original green PET bottles, and the hard plastic bottle can be turned into the soft touch of fabric. Indeed, DA.AI apparel is not only a piece of clothing, but also the love of over 200,000 environmental promoters and 50 co-operative partners, which represents the humanism spirit derived from DA.AI’s core values.

The founder and producer of Tia Belau of Palau, Moses Y. Uludong, shared that “even though there is an environmental protection plan in Palau for the past 5 years, recycling plastic bags and selling them to overseas countries, but I have not seen anything similar to what DA.AI is doing here; it is very attractive.” Mr. Uludong wishes for such great product and ideology to spread and influence nearby countries, and eventually all over the world, so that more people can understand Tzu Chi’s missions and humanism spirit, and ultimately purifies everyone’s heart.

DA.AI Reporter, Sandy Huang, Taipei

Note: The term NGO (non-governmental organization) came from 19th century, representing international organizations founded by private groups or individuals. Tzu Chi Foundation, being the largest Buddhist charity foundation of the Asian culture, was founded in Taiwan in 1966, and has reached out to over 5 continents today. Dedicated on global humanitarian care, the foundation was officially registered as the United Nation NGO member on December 2013.

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