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Sep 21st
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Home Publications Jing Si Publications Dharma as Water—A Commentary on the Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance (II)

Dharma as Water—A Commentary on the Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance (II)

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The Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance is a well-known text in the Chinese Buddhist tradition. It was written by Tang Dynasty practitioner Master Wu-da after an encounter with the force of karmic retribution that manifested as a human-faced boil on his knee. Having personally experienced the inevitable results of karma, Master Wu-da wrote this text to caution future generations and make clear the necessity of repentance.

Master Cheng Yen taught The Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance for five years in hopes that people would better understand the principles of repentance practice and apply Dharma-water to wash away the impurities in their hearts, thus approaching her goal of purifying people’s hearts.

With the wisdom gained from applying the Buddha-Dharma as the founder of Tzu Chi Foundation, Master Cheng Yen brings out the teachings of the Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance for modern readers. Her teaching of the Water Repentance not only promotes Great Vehicle repentance practices but also establishes a unique model for her disciples to follow. By integrating the Tzu Chi spirit into the teachings of the Water Repentance, she sheds a new and unique light upon the Buddha's teachings and makes them relevant for modern living.

Dharma as Water, Volume Two

In volume two of Dharma as Water, A Commentary on the Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance, Master Cheng Yen explains how we can repent the karmic obstruction of afflictions. “Afflictions” come from delusion. A deluded thought will give rise to the three subtle afflictions of greed, anger, and ignorance. These lead people to create karma, which results in them facing karmic retributions. Master Cheng Yen encourages her Buddhist disciples to engage in spiritual practice, take good care of their hearts, and lead others in the practice of repentance. Only by developing a reverence for the Buddha’s teachings and treating one another with great compassion can we bring peace to the world.

Author: Shih Cheng Yen
Language: English
Translator: Dharma as Water Editorial Team, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation USA
Publisher: Jing Si Publications Co., Ltd.
Pages: 624
Release date: July, 2014