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Oct 26th
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Buy Wisdom—The Master Tells Stories 1

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This book is a collection of 19 stories told by Dharma Master Cheng Yen which are adapted into vivid illustrations, allowing readers to easily capture the wisdom of Buddhist teachings as they follow the twists and turns of each story. Through the stories, readers will learn about the karmic law of cause and effect, as well as to cultivate right views and correct thinking, and to comprehend the meaning of life.

The first story tells an evil thought that triggered the death of a two-headed bird. The Buddha used the story of His previous life to teach the disciples that the most difficult thing is to control our mind. Only when we willingly work hard to eliminate greed, anger and ignorance can we eliminate our afflictions.

The story of Buy Wisdom illustrates that the value of the truths of life cannot be measured. We must mindfully consider the principles and always keep them in our hearts. If we make the most of our potential, we will be happy and at ease with ourselves. Such a feeling is most precious.

Storytelling: Shih Cheng Yen
Illustrator: Lim Chor Yeow
Language: English
Translator: Dharma as Water Editorial Team, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation USA
Publisher: Tzu Chi Cultural Publishing Co.
Pages: 128
Release date: September, 2014
List price : NT$150