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Sep 20th
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The DA.AI Family Day, Hands-on Experience to Protect the Planet

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Environmental protection is one of the core values, as well as origin, of DA.AI Technology. It is with the Tzu Chi environmental promoters’ help in Taiwan that the brand of DA.AI is made possible. Thus, the best way to show our appreciation to these environmental promoters, DA.AI hosted the once a year Family Day, and invited staff, family members, and cooperating partners to join the environmental promoters for once in doing recycling in the Tzu Chi Neihu Recycling Station.

“Many of the environmental promoters in the Neihu Recycling Station are over 75 years old, and they come from distanced places all over Taipei city by public transit, and insist on not turning on air condition even under the hot and humid summer of Taiwan. The volunteers here making the DA.AI Eco-Blanket come with happiness, because they know that these blankets will go to people in need in the world.” Through Tzu Chi volunteer Yue Yin’s introduction, the guests not only understood the process of making the eco-blankets, but also the love and dedication behind them that are shipped out of Taiwan together.

The main focus of the DA.AI Family Day event is hands-on recycling work. With the lead of the company’s co-founders and relative, all guests were separated into three groups, and personally experienced paper, plastic bag, and bottle recycling. Each station involves minor, but important, details in order to separate to the cleanest for the best price. One of DA.AI’s online fans, Mr. Shu Zhe Jia, shared, “after the hands-on experience, I realized how detail and technique oriented the recycling work is, and how the volunteers have to stand the heat and odor everyday doing the work. I really respect Tzu Chi’s environmental promoters!” Tina Yuan, DA.AI staff Tom Yang’s fiancée, also shared that “the experience today taught me how troubled it is to do recycling, and that we should really reduce using plastic bags to truly achieve clean from the origin idea, and reduce environmental promoters’ workload.”

The interns of DA.AI Technology also prepared a stage play to present DA.AI’s products, as well as humanistic spirits. Through the characters of DA.AI’s mascots, Loving Puppy and Blessing Kitty, the audiences learned that we should turn A/C to 26-28 degrees, bring our own utensils, take public transits, and use DA.AI’s product to reduce energy consumption. After all, real environmental protection action lies within everyone’s daily living habit.

“The power to create blessing for the world and all human beings comes from each and every one of us.” DA.AI’s Chairman, Walter Huang, and R&D Manager, Ting Hung, wish that all staff can often walk out of the office and do this type of hands-on recycling work to protect our environment. “As DA.AI staff, we should stand together with the environmental promoters on the front line, and we also wish to invite anyone who are willing to protect the land with us, and provide our offspring a clean world.” Let us coexist with the Earth together.

DA.AI Technology, Taipei
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