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Oct 18th
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DA.AI: Simple Action, Big Difference

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DA.AI Technology celebrated its 6th anniversary on December 15th, 2014. The main focus of the ceremony was to thank all of industrial, governmental, academic, and developmental partners for their help and dedication over the past year to coexist with the Earth together with us. Moreover, the company’s recent GCCA Later Stage Award recognition that took place in Switzerland earlier this month was also presented and passed onto the hands of DA.AI’s Chairman, Walter Huang, during the ceremony. The Vice CEO of the Green Trade Project Office, Lih Chyi Wen, explained the meaning of this global green award, and applauded DA.AI for its consistent effort in the field of green technology, product, and marketing.

Vice CEO Wen expressed, “DA.AI brought warmth to the world; the award today is not only a recognition to a global green industry, but also on all of its past achievements on environmental protection management and humanism spirit.” The administration committee representative from the Taiwan Executive Yuan, Professor Feng, further expressed her gratitude for DA.AI’s cross-industry alliances with Taiwanese academia, which provided great example of environmental protection and CSR education to the students and society.

Apart from academia, DA.AI’s close cooperation with governmental and developmental organizations in recent years also brought great value to the company. Moreover, these organizations, including the Green Trade Project Office, Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taiwan Textile Federation, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Plastics Industry Development Center, and much more, not only helped DA.AI on technical improvements, but also brought this platform of Great Love onto international stage. By doing so, they have also become part of this circle of love for our planet and all living being.

Down to the origin, DA.AI thank Tzu Chi’s environmental protection bodhisattvas for their “simple action,” for it has made a “big difference” to the world. They are the true hero behind the brand, and reminders for us all to keep simple mind, and always bring goodness to the world and influence others.

DA.AI Technology, Jasmine Li, Taipei
*DA.AI Technology 6th Anniversary Series Report 1

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