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Oct 03rd
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Home Feature Stories One Year After Earthquake in Nepal Warmth Fills the Mountain Village

Warmth Fills the Mountain Village

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On May 3, the mobile medical team, together with local volunteers, traveled by foot to the mountain village of Pikhel. The villagers were delighted to see them and prepared a tent as the clinic. Despite all the practical difficulties, the warmth they brought was visible on the faces of the villagers.

They welcomed the doctors as they arrived. Deputy team leader Dr. Chao You-chen said: “many patients with wounds need dressings changed. In addition, many people are suffering from fever, coughs and headaches. So we have brought with us sufficient medicines.”

One of the Nepali volunteers was Nanu, a middle school teacher, who comes from the area worst hit by the earthquake; he has been unable to return home to see the extent of the damage. He decided to join the medical team as a volunteer first. “I feel honored to have the opportunity to work as a Tzu Chi volunteer,” he said. “I am very happy.”

Outside the tent, the villagers queued up to register and wait to see a doctor. Niru, 19, is a medical student who came to help; he is assisting with the registration. He said: “I want to try to use my power to help them. As much as I can do, I will.”

There are many wheat fields around Pikhel, so its residents are not short of food. What they are most in need of it is medical resources. One of the patients said: “we are feeling very good. We are very happy to see the doctors come here.” Dr Chao thanked the residents for their concern. “We are very grateful to them. Today they provided this tent for us to use as a clinic. It shows their thoughtfulness.”

The love of the doctors from Taiwan, together with the nurses, teachers and students of Nepal giving their full-hearted support for the clinic, has brought hope and warmth to this remote mountain village.

The Tzu Chi Foundation’s relief and medical teams have treated more than 1,100 patients at free clinics in Nepal. They have also distributed 2,150 servings of hot meals and provided a cash-for-work program for a total of 121 people.

By Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation