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Sep 21st
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Home Feature Stories One Year After Earthquake in Nepal Tzu Chi is to Hold Relief Distributions in Nepal

Tzu Chi is to Hold Relief Distributions in Nepal

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This coming May 10, 11 and 12 Tzu Chi Foundation is holding a massive relief distribution aiming to provide necessity goods such as rice, dal, sugar, oil, salt, hygiene pack to mention a few to families residing in Bhaktapur. Distribution will be held at Mayheswori, Bhaktapur; Khwopa College, Dekohca and New Municipality Building respectively which will give aid to more than 7,300 families, according to the name list provided by the government office of Bhaktapur. Together with the distribution, Tzu Chi is also taking this special opportunity to celebrate the birthday of the Buddha for the first time in Nepal through a simple prayer for peace, harmony and disaster-free world.

The recent earthquake that hit Nepal took thousands of lives. Tzu Chi Foundation has already mobilized its third batch of international relief disaster volunteers, upon arrival to Kathmandu, the volunteers will be continuing it’s efforts in medical mission and addition to it will start the first massive relief distribution for the survivors of the said quake.

Tzu Chi has mobilized volunteers from 8 countries including doctors. The first batch of volunteers were mostly comprise with medical doctors of 15 people who arrived last 27th of April and was followed by the second batch of 11 doctors and volunteers that arrived last 1st of May; the third batch of doctors and volunteers reached Kathmandu recently, 6th of May with a total of 41 people comprising the time and up to date we have mobilized a total of 81 doctors and volunteers coming from United States of America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India to mention a few.

The first batch of medical team brought with them 1 tons of medicines which is allotted to cure 1000 patients. The second batch on the other hand brought with them some in preparation for the operation of patients needing the procedure. Apart from this regular task, they have also did home to home visit and on site medical mission for patients needing attention. Up to date, the total number of patients treated reached up to more than 2000 patients.

Aside from the medical relief, Tzu Chi also started it’s cash for work program, meal distribution program and provided tents and this coming weekend, they are going to start of their first massive relief distribution to more than 7,000 families from Bhaktapur.

Currently, the survivors are still homeless and couldn’t even start clean up. In addition, rainy season is coming and is feared that it might cause another disaster. Tzu Chi volunteers will continue to give aid and support to the survivors of the Nepal quake by giving aid and comfort and providing temporary evacuation centers to needed areas.