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Feb 03rd
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Home Feature Stories One Year After Earthquake in Nepal Buddha Day Ceremony in Buddha's Homeland

Buddha Day Ceremony in Buddha's Homeland

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An earthquake, led Tzu Chi volunteers to Buddha's homeland–Nepal. After almost two weeks of Relief and medical works, the first large scale relief aid distribution was held on May 10 combined with a simple yet solemn Buddha Day Ceremony, to pray with fellow Nepalese for blessings and peace.

Relief team volunteer Chang Chi-To said, "Today, after much difficulties, 2800 families* will be receiving relief aids. And because of this Earthquake, Tzu Chi came to Nepal, the birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha 2500 years ago."

On May 10, a total of 2,218 families received relief goods, including: rice, dal, sugar, oil, salt, and hygiene pack. Around 800 people participated the Buddha Day Ceremony.

*The list of relief aid recipients was provided by the government office of Bhaktapur.