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Jan 23rd
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Home Feature Stories One Year After Earthquake in Nepal Warm Response as Traditional Chinese Medicine Debuts in Nepal

Warm Response as Traditional Chinese Medicine Debuts in Nepal

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The assumption that Nepali residents would fear the thin and long acupuncture needles was proven wrong when they responded warmly towards acupuncture treatment. Not only did it cure sores and aches, it improved insomnia caused by traumatic stress.

Patients returned after positive effects from acupuncture

The fifth tier of Tzu Chi Relief and Medical Team included Traditional Chinese Medicine in their free clinic sessions. It was only the second day Dr. Chen Shun-ding came to Chitapol, but residents queued up early in the morning. Patient Bina said, “I was prescribed some medicine yesterday, but acupuncture was more effective than the medication, so I came again today.”

Dr. Chen Shun-ding, who participated in international disaster relief for the first time, was surprised that patients come back for subsequent treatments on the second day of the free clinic. He added, “I was quite nervous yesterday, because I heard they had never undergone acupuncture treatment before.” Bina had his treatment on the first day said, “I didn’t feel sore, it only felt like an ant bite.” Bina’s wife saw his arthritis condition got better after acupuncture treatment, she went to try it out too.

Dr. Chen tirelessly asked every patient, “Does it feel sore? Does it feel sore?” He also shared, “Acupuncture can play many roles. Not only could it help in relieving aches, it can treat insomnia, negative emotions, as well as traumatic stress. The best part of this treatment is that it is very convenient because it only requires needles.”

Before removing the needles, the doctor would pat the area surrounding the needles to reduce the pain. After that, a medicated adhesive bandage would be applied to improve blood circulation. Patient Bina said, “Yesterday’s acupuncture session cured half of my pain. Today’s session made me feel even more comfortable.” Acupuncture at the free clinic managed to attract many curious and eager residents. It was a pleasant surprise that acupuncture gained such a positive reputation at the free clinic.

(Report by DaAi News, May 22, 2015)