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Aug 09th
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Simplicity as A Lifestyles - Xiu Juan Chen

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At 35, I was Vice President of the Swiss Bank; and at 40, I served Goldman Sachs (Hong Kong) as Executive Director. I was practically globetrotting in and out of 5-star hotels and dined in the finest restaurants. Human suffering was totally alien to me.

When an earthquake struck Taiwan on September 21, 1999, I was working in Hong Kong. From Da Ai TV I witnessed the determination of Tzu Chi in providing long term care. I was especially touched by the statement of "By the beginning of the new century, we shall complete the re-construction of the 51 schools that collapsed at the end of the century." It made me ponder about the true purpose of life.

Goldman Sachs Investment Bank was well-known to have the best employees and was a very profitable bank. Joining this company was not just a reflection of my aptitude but also the quality of education. Forty years ago, it was the time when resources were scarce. I attended 9 years of education and learned English in public sponsored schools. This has equipped me with the capability to compete internationally. I have benefited from the public, but what have I contributed in return? With a logical and analytical mind, should I continue to use this gifted ability in analyzing shares, or help others to relieve their pain and suffering?

Five years ago, I decided to resign and return to Taiwan, hoping to spend more time with my children and to join Tzu Chi and learn to be more humble. Currently I partake in TIHAA activities, educational group and also actively promote environmental protection to companies. I hope to train the undergraduates to have a global outlook, be more disciplined and not waste their time. For the secondary school students, I hope to bring the humanistic values into their school syllabus. With the assimilation of such positive virtues and behaviours, they will then be able to chart a good future for society.

Chen, Xiu Juan

  • Executive Secretary of Tzu Chi International Humanitarian Aid Association (TIHAA)
  • Associate Professor of Shih Hsin University
  • Former Executive Director of Goldman Sachs Hong Kong Branch
  • Former VP of Swiss

Source: The World of Tzu Chi March 2009


" It is easy to reflect on major mistakes, and hard to eliminate small bad habits. "
Jing-Si Aphorism