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Sep 21st
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Home Feature Stories One Year After Earthquake in Nepal Collaborating with Municipality Office To Provide Relief to Nepal

Collaborating with Municipality Office To Provide Relief to Nepal

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On May 24, Tzu Chi Relief and Medical Team held a large scale relief distribution in Bhaktapur for victims of Nepal Earthquake in collaboration with Bhaktapur Municipality Office. 300 local volunteers participated in this distribution that benefitted some 1855 households.

Local volunteers facilitated an efficient and organized distribution process

Besides the volunteers and doctors from the Tzu Chi Relief and Medical Team, the Municipality Office also gathered 300 volunteers and 30 soldiers to facilitate at the distribution site. Donned with the yellow Tzu Chi vest, the volunteers clearly demarcated the distribution routes, helping fellow residents in receiving the relief items. From verifying particulars, relaying sacks of rice, and packaging at the warehouse… etc, the volunteers can be seen serving tirelessly everywhere.

These volunteers have interacted with Tzu Chi members for nearly a month, and so when they hear about Tzu Chi’s distribution, they actively signed up to facilitate a smooth and orderly distribution process. Thoughtful Tzu Chi volunteers prepared 500 hot meals for these volunteers. It is hoped that together we can truly relieve the victims’ pressing needs with the relief goods that represent love gathered by Tzu Chi volunteers around the globe.

This distribution benefitted 1855 households with items including 30 kg rice, sugar, cooking oil and livelihood kit; together with a letter from Master Cheng Yen expressing her sincere well wishes to the residents that they may soon return on their feet.

Relief Distribution Ended Successfully with the Unity of Everyone’s Will

Working with Tzu Chi for the first time, 21-year-old Sanjay says it has been an interesting experience for him. "I have worked in many associations like Red Cross and Scout. I have seen your organization, Tzu Chi, is the best managed to help the earthquake victims."

When the relief goods were moved out from the warehouse one bag after another, we suddenly discovered 9-year-old boys moving quickly to pass on the goods.

"(Are you tired?) No (why? so happy?) yes. (How many of you? 1,2,3,4,5!) "The boys replied.

This group of boys was playing ball nearby when they were attracted here by the crowd to see what was going on. They became little volunteers.

"Helping other people makes me feel very happy. It also makes me feel proud of myself.” said Shirish, one of the other boys.

This joint distribution carried out by Tzu Chi and the local government has given these 300 volunteers a chance to experience the joy of giving, and bear witness to the power of love.

(DaAi News: Reported by Li Pi-hsiu and Chen Pin-chen in Nepal)