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Sep 21st
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Home Feature Stories One Year After Earthquake in Nepal Gratefulness Expressed Through Participation

Gratefulness Expressed Through Participation

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Sixteen-year-old Sunita from Maheswori tent community wrote a letter to express her gratitude towards Tzu Chi volunteers. Many local volunteers, like Sunita, have joined the disaster relief efforts to return the kindness of Tzu Chi volunteers.

Tzu Chi,  a beacon of light

“In Nepal, a great devastating earthquake had taken place on April 25th, 2015. This brought lots of changes in the life of people, conditions of roads, houses, historical building, etc. Nepalese people were full of fear and sadness and now they still are. Many people had died and lots of property had been destroyed. We, Nepalese people were unable to think what to do, where to live, what to eat, almost we were hopeless. In such a condition of hopeless and misery of Nepal, Tzu Chi foundation came as a light to remove darkness of us. It has brought a way of happiness and encouragement to live our life once again and to build up our country…”

About 10 o’clock yesterday (5/26) morning, Sunita was helping to collect donations using the bamboo coin bank. After lunchtime, suddenly, she gave a letter to Tzu Chi volunteer Chou Li-chu from Malaysia.

In the letter, Sunita said: “I’m so surprised that even if earthquake is taking place again and again, time to time, the Tzu Chi members never felt afraid and continuously serve the people. They provide medical services, food and manage tents. Not only this, they always pray for Nepal to be strong and make children happy. Also they provided relief materials to the people. They show their great love to us. So, I want to continue to be a Tzu Chi volunteers in future too. Lastly, I would like to thank Master Cheng Yen who showed her great kindness, love to serve us. Also, thanks to all the Tzu Chi members who help us.”

From feeling heart-broken to walking the path of Great Love, Sunita went through the turning point in her life. From asking for help to joining the voluntary action together with other Tzu Chi volunteers, she faced every day with optimism and smiles.

Chou Li-chu recounted on how she first met Sunita. Chou Li-chu went around the tent community to invite the children to become volunteers. Until one day, she saw Sunita during a home-visit session. Chou Li-chu offered her the opportunity to volunteer and Sunita quickly agreed. She was assigned to the medical area for language translation.

Sunita is very matured despite her age, making her an easy person to work with. Chou Li-chu said there was an incident of a family who lived out in the open asking desperately for a tent space. Without hesitation, Sunita raised her hand immediately to offer them a space in the tent she lives.

(Report by Li Mei-ju, Ku Chi-hung, Li Lao-man in Nepal. May 30, 2015)