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Oct 02nd
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Pledge with Gratitude

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Mr. Basant K. Chaudhary, a member of the Chaudhary Family of Nepal, enjoys literature very much. About six weeks ago, he read a book named Master of Love and Mercy: Cheng Yen. He found the Master to be like a bright lantern showing how the path of one person’s life should be. Since then, he has collected books published by Jing Si Publications and began involvement with Tzu Chi.

To help his people and bring Buddhism back to Nepal

On April 25, 2015, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 in Nepal killed nearly 9,000 people and buried an unknown number of people in the rubble. This devastation was unbearable for Chaudhary. He wanted to help but did not know where to begin.

Tzu Chi’s first disaster relief and medical team departed for Nepal on April 27 and has since then continued its humanitarian work in the country. It was the first time for Chaudhary to know about the Tzu Chi Foundation; he was touched that the volunteers had traveled thousands of miles to help his people.

Feeling the duty to give back to society, he founded the Basant Chaudhary Foundation. He discovered that his foundation shared a very similar goal with Tzu Chi. Then he began to become involved with Tzu Chi’s relief work and assist them in having their relief goods passed through customs. He said that he was not only helping his fellow countrymen but also bringing Buddhism back to the birthplace of its founder.

The emergency stage of Tzu Chi’s relief work is coming to the end; the medium- and long-term stages of relief work have started, including financial support for students and building temporary classrooms. Chaudhary expressed his willingness to help in building the classrooms. On June 19, accompanied by Koay Chiew Poh, CEO of Tzu Chi’s Malaysia branch, he went to the Jing Si Abode in Hualien to express his gratitude in person to Dharma Master Cheng Yen for the help Tzu Chi has given to Nepal.

He pledged to become a Tzu Chi volunteer. Master Cheng Yen encouraged him to pass on the dharma. He promised with deep sincerity to do his best.

These are the words of Basant K. Chaudhary during his meeting with Dharma Master Cheng Yen:

Venerable embodiment of dharma Dharma Master Cheng Yen,

I feel blessed and honoured to be meeting a holy soul like you who has dedicated her life to the uplift of mankind in keeping with Lord Buddha's Noble Eight-Fold Path.

I must also thank my brothers Khoo, brother Low and brother Koay for giving the opportunity to be the part of Tzu Chi humanitarian work in Nepal.

The organization which you started in May 1966 with sewing, knitting and growing vegetables has risen to such great heights that people and other charity organizations look up to you today for help, sustenance, guidance and mentoring.

Obviously, your integrity, honesty, sincerity and trust have created magic for the suffering humanity.

Tzu Chi's compassion and verve for service has to be seen to be believed. Let me say that all this would not have been possible without the vision of Your Holiness.

Revered Dharma Master !

I am here to seek your blessings and help at a time when my country is facing its worst disaster in recent history.

Close to 9000 persons have lost their lives.

The number of missing persons and those buried under the debris of over 800,000 destroyed and damaged houses and official buildings is unknown.

The body and spirit of my Himalayan nation are mauled and badly hurt.

The trauma and panic which had set in refuse to leave us.

The mind and psyche of children has been scarred.

The challenge to rebuild the nation is indeed daunting particularly when our resources are scarce.

Yet we are trying our best.

The Basant Chaudhary Foundation has risen to the occasion. We are duty bound to help the society.

But it is obvious that we will be able to do a much better job if Your Holiness consents to guide and help us to reach our goal, which is not very different than very yours.

We understand the country and its systems. Our manpower and friends are spread across the length and breadth of Nepal, from the highest mountainous areas to the plains.

Tzu Chi's valuable association with our foundation will hasten the healing and lessen the suffering of Nepal.

I thank you from the depth of my heart for having granted this audience. I look forward to your blessings to enlighten my inner soul and to follow the footpath you have so humbly created for the lay person like me. Holy Master please grant me the serenity.

Your Holiness, please allow me to present you a small memento from our foundation.

I pledge to dedicate myself to work to help reduce the sufferings in the community.

Article compiled by Tzu Chi Foundation