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Oct 02nd
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Simplicity as A Lifestyle - Hua De Huang

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I have been in the textile garment business for 37 years. I have more than 10,000 employees in 7 factories located in 5 countries globally. In the past, other than work, I practically played golf everyday, or had business entertainment to reward myself.

Since my involvement with Tzu Chi in 1991, I have witnessed how Tzu Chi volunteers used their lives to help those who live in pain and suffering. I then realized that my previous lifestyle, which centered on personal gratification, was so meaningless. As I started to shift my time from merry/fun-making to volunteer work, I discovered that much inner peace and happiness can be attained in this way and not just through business interests.

From the last 17 years of my participation in Tzu Chi's international disaster relief missions, my heart was frequently touched whenever I held the hands of those victims and looked into their eyes. It was from all these that I had found true value of my life. Since then I have decided to make charity as part and parcel of my corporate business, with charity work going as far as my business enterprise can go.

One of my corporate tenets is to manufacture products in conformity with environmental protection standards and conserve the Earth's resources. Whatever I earn from society, I shall endeavour to plough back to society.

Recycled textile product is always one of TIHAA's agenda. My strength is in spinning and weaving textile. No one would imagine that PET bottles can be made into blankets and scarf used to warm the bodies of the victims. This recycling programme requires the close cooperation of every member of the team and we hope more corporations will join our ranks.

Huang, Hua De

  • Tzu Chi International Humanitarian Aid Association (TIHAA) Coordinator
  • Chairman of the TEXMA International Co. Ltd.

Source: The World of Tzu Chi March 2009



" When you view the world from a different perspective, the world becomes vast and wide. Try shifting your perspective in everything you do, and all will be light and easy. "
Jing-Si Aphorism