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Aug 18th
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How Do We Nurture Talents?

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A manager working in the Foundation asked: It is really hard to look for talented individuals. Everyone has his/ her own strengths and weaknesses. Nobody is perfect.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen replied:

We must maintain a calm and stable heart when we guide and work with others. Tzu Chi needs many talented people. However, what is most important in a group is someone who is willing to take up responsibilities. One must foster dedication and courage to take up greater responsibilities. The more afraid we are of responsibilities, the more stress we will feel. However, when fear is overcome by our courage, this stress will fade away. Just like a weightlifter, with a burst of energy and power, we realize that the weight is not as heavy as it seemed before. But when we take our time to lift the weight, the heavy feeling will always be there to hold us down.

Everyone will make mistakes. Master believes that one must treat others with compassion and understanding. The past is the past, why brings it up again? We will feel happy when we see the qualities and strengths of others. But when we only focus on their weaknesses, we will feel frustrated. Therefore, we must be understanding and appreciative when we interact with each other.

Men of virtues cultivate friendship that is as light as water. This friendship, however, needs to be supported with Bodhisattva's love. In the Bodhisattva's love, nobody is especially favored or disliked. Everyone is cared for without discrimination. I often say that we should have a mind as vast as the universe, as immeasurable as the space. And we must always be true to our words to guide those who follow us.

Translated by: Kam Chung Wong, Loritta Chan, Huiying Chin; Edited by: Marco


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