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Jun 12th
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Is It Worthwhile to Give Love to the Students?

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A young man asked: Master, do you believe your work in establishing the medical school and investing so much love for students is worthwhile?

Dharma Master Cheng Yen replied:

It is very worthwhile.

Because Tzu Chi is an organization with great love, everyone gives unconditionally and makes the young students feel loved. In the future, they will be grateful and give back to love others. So the love and effort are given without regret, not one moment was spent thinking how worthwhile it was.

Master Cheng Yen's Teachings on 04/12/1997
Translated by: Hui Ying Chin
Edited by Dennis Lee


The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode


Are you prepared to put your kindness into actions and join Tzu Chi in promoting the goodness and beauty of mankind?
You are always welcome to join our Tzu Chi’s Great Love missions by becoming a member or volunteer. Please contact the Tzu Chi location near you.

" The expressions on our face and the tone of our voice all communicate to others. So smile and speak softly; preserve a gentle attitude. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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