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Oct 02nd
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Bring Warmth to the World with Great Love from our Heart

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"What's the most blissful life?" Someone once asked. "A Life full of Love," Dharma Master Cheng Yen answers. Bring warmth to others during cold days, food to the hungers, and aid to the needy; these are all examples of selfless Great Love, and blissful life in the Master’s definition. Only through such dedication, we shall see a peaceful and harmonious world.

With DA.AI's new Eco Knitted Scarf, we can feel Dharma Master Cheng Yen's intention when she started building the Tzu Chi Hospital in Haulien with very limited resources few decades ago. "It is not the amount of donation that's important, but rather each person's good heart of selfless contribution. Through the fundraising process for the hospital, Tzu Chi has also fundraised millions of great compassionate hearts."

The purpose of a scarf was to keep warm in the cold regions of the north, as well as provide protection from wind and sand; however, has evolved into a symbol of fashion in the recent history. Now, with its eco-friendly material and thousands of people's love put into it, DA.AI has turned the Eco Knitted Scarf into a symbol of Great Love, and the perfect gift for family and friends in the cold winter days to come.

"It wasn't easy making DA.AI's first kitted scarf," designer Chen said, "keeping both 50% or above of recycled PET material principle and a soft gentle touch, we conducted many testing throughout the development process to finally find the perfect balance."

DA.AI's new Eco Knitted Scarf, combining recycled PET material with wool to reach the perfect balance of eco-friendly and soft gentle touch, comes in three different colors: Angel Blue, Accommodating Grey, and mix of both. We wish to provide warmth and elegance to you in cold winter; moreover, all of DA.AI's product is filled with thousands of people's love and dedication to protect the planet, and our wish of bringing harmony to the world.

Article by DA.AI Technology, Taipei

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" When walking, as we step one foot forward, we lift the other foot up. In the same way, we should let go of yesterday and focus on today. "
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