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Jun 01st
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Home Feature Stories One Year After Earthquake in Nepal Nepal Prime Minister Praises Tzu Chi’s Relief Efforts

Nepal Prime Minister Praises Tzu Chi’s Relief Efforts

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Nepal Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli praised the work of Tzu Chi in his country and promised to support its future charity efforts.

Mr. Oli, who took the post in October 2015, met a delegation of Tzu Chi volunteers who were representing the love of its members all around the world. They briefed Oli on the foundation’s work in Nepal 20 years ago, and its emergency relief after the earthquake on April 28 this year, its medium- and long-term relief plan and Hope Project. They said that it wished to apply for a status as an INGO (International Non-Government Organization) in Nepal. The group was accompanied by Keshab Man Shakya, former Minister of Science and Technology, and Gyan Ram Shrestha, president of Seabird International College.

Oli not only acknowledged the selfless service which Tzu Chi has given in Nepal but also said he very much wanted Project Hope to be implemented. “If you need help, I will certainly provide it,” he said. “I will assist Tzu Chi to be registered as an INGO.”

The volunteers first met Oli at the time of the earthquake in April 28, which registered 7.8 on the Richter scale. At that time, he was the chairman of the biggest opposition party. Accompanied by Mr. Shakya, the foundation’s emergency medical team met Oli; he strongly supported its relief work in the earthquake zones.

During the meeting in December, Monica Sy, a member of Tzu Chi’s Religious Affairs Bureau, gave a brief history of Tzu Chi, including the work of its four main missions and its work in Nepal. This included relief to the three counties most severely hit by floods in 1993 and the construction of 1,800 Great Love homes in 1995.

Twenty years later, in 2015, Nepal was struck by the devastating earthquake of April 25. It caused tremors in half of the national territory and affected one-third of the population. In the months that followed, there were very heavy rains; the living conditions of people, including their homes, clean water, medical care and food, all faced severe challenges.

Following the earthquake, Tzu Chi entered Nepal on April 28. In the seven months since then, it has sent 11 medical and relief teams to the stricken areas and provided hot food, goods needed for daily life, blankets, foldable beds and other items to the people living there. After completing emergency relief, the volunteers have begun a medium- and long-term relief program to the worst-affected areas, including pre-fabricated homes and Project Hope.

Prime Minister Oli listened attentively to the presentation by Monica Sy and frequently asked questions. Then Maniram Bahadur Pradhan, a Nepali who is married to a Taiwanese woman, reported to the Prime Minister about the plan of rice distribution and applying for INGO status in the country. He hoped to obtain his support. That would enable Tzu Chi to carry on its charity mission further and provide more help to the people.

“The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation asks for no reward,” said Oli. “It is very good. I will certainly support you.” He thanked the foundation for its selfless care and service to Nepal after the earthquake. “Tzu Chi is truly giving Great Love without demanding anything in return. I am full of praise,” he said.

Mr. Oli thanked Keshab Man Shakya, former Minister for Science, Technology and Environment, and Gyan Man Shrestha, president of Seabird International College, for arranging the meeting. After hearing Tzu Chi’s report, Oli maintained an optimistic and positive attitude toward its plans to register as an INGO and work in Nepal over the long term.