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Oct 18th
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2015 Overseas Tzu Chi Youth Officer's Training Camp

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Just when planet Earth, where we all call home, is filled with conflicted hearts and frequent disasters, Master Cheng Yan has repeatedly calling out to us, “Time is running out!”, reminding all Tzu Chi volunteers that we must take urgent steps to purify hearts and conserve our nature before utter destruction strikes. Being in this era of chaos and confusion, conscientious youths must realize and step up to the task of changing the world’s future for the better.

The Tzu Chi Collegiate Association, since established in 1992, has focused on purifying hearts, inspiring peers, and spread the message of “Serving with compassion and bonding with wisdom” across the world. After two decades, these seeds of hope and compassion have grown to be a great force that started to shoulder huge responsibilities within the Tzu Chi foundation across all countries.

Annual Overseas Tzu Chi Youth Officer's Training Camp Invitation

Our warmest invitations to all the international Tzu Ching officers, Tzu Ching alumni, and accompanying advisors to join us for a leadership development conference and international volunteer retreat at our spiritual home. Through this conference, we will make full use of our vacation time for pursuing knowledge, deepening our understanding of Tzu Chi’s history and new technology, studying Master’s teachings, practicing our mission, interacting with fellow Tzu Ching from different countries, learning from each other, and widening our global perspective. With that, we shall all reverently learn and see the compassionate pledge our Dharma Master has taken for all beings in the world, follow her steps and step up to the mission of caring for the world’s future.

We need to let our lives burn bright with enthusiasm, move firm with mission, and pledge to walk the righteous path persistently (Bodhisattva path). May all the Tzu Ching, Alumni, and advisors return our spiritual home like the returning sparrows in summer, show how diligent and focused the international Tzu Chi volunteers have been, in following Master’s footsteps so she may rejoice and be relieved. May all who dwell abroad in different parts of the world come together to be near Master’s heart and answer the calling to spread Tzu Chi’s spirit and mission around the world, for ourselves and for all beings in the world!

Event Date:
December 20 - 21, 2015 Preparation Camp for Overseas Tzu Chi Youth Officer's Training Camp
December 22 - 25, 2015 2015 Overseas Tzu Chi Youth Officer's Training Camp
December 25 - 27, 2015 Global Tzu Chi Youth Day
December 28, 2015 -
January 2, 2016
Overseas Volunteer's Camp

Location: Still Thoughts Hall and Still Thoughts Abode (Hualien, Taiwan)

For any inquiries or questions,
Please contact your regional/ local Tzu Ching Advisor contact window first.

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